A lot of people at the CFUNITED conference last week didn't know about it, so I'd like to take a moment to highlight this helpful utility, the ColdFusion MX Code Compatibility Analyzer, which helps check code that you are migrating from earlier versions, such as ColdFusion 5.

This setting is available in the ColdFusion Administrator, in the left menu under the Debugging and Logging section. You select a directory containing the ColdFusion application or CFML source code to be analyzed, list the type of extensions to match such as .cfc or .cfm, and then under the Advanced options I always recommend selecting ALL for the Filter By Severity option. The ALL option will provide warnings at both the ERROR level and the INFORMATION level. The default is ERROR, so you might miss some important INFORMATION messages with that, so choose ALL.

Using this utility is a great first pass at your application when considering the migration process when moving to ColdFusion MX, and will probably save you a little frustration later. Its available in both CFMX 6.x and 7.

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