ColdFusion Bloggers BOF @ CFUNITED 2005

CFUNITED ColdFusion Bloggers BOF 2005 CFUNITED ColdFusion Bloggers BOF 2005 CFUNITED ColdFusion Bloggers BOF 2005

Here's a photo to put some names to faces if you're not already familiar with the bloggers that attended a Birds of a Feather session at last week's CFUNITED ColdFusion conference. Frankly, I can't recall everything that was discussed there, but Jared's summary is up on FusionAuthority to help fill in some details. Just for fun I tried some art that might make a nice album cover or possibly a poster for next year's Bloggers BOF.

While we missed a few well known bloggers at the BOF such as Ray Camden, Rob Brooks-Bilson, and Tony Weeg, here's a short list of some of those who turned out:

I see Tony thought it was a great networking experience... I certainly enjoyed meeting all of you.

Bad Medicine: Kevin Trudeau Fraud 'Natural Cures'

During an investigative report earlier this year, I heard about the fraudulent practices by "infomercial scammer" Kevin Trudeau who published bogus health information in a book called Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About. I was very surprised when my regularly scheduled Tivo recording of a Saturday morning program was actually replaced with a half hour infomercial from this clown who makes outrageous claims about Science and medical research to foster the adoption of his book and take your money.

I'd just like to take a moment to point out that this huckster is cited by the National Council Against Health Fraud, and you should not believe his claims.

Misleading infomercial driving sales of junk book. Infomercial scammer Kevin Trudeau, who signed a court-approved consent agreement prohibiting him from selling health-related products (except publications), has continued his longstanding patters of deception by selling a book called Natural Cures They Dont Want You to Know About. In a frequently aired infomercial, Trudeau falsely claims that government agencies and the food and drug industries are conspiring against "natural cures" and that people who want such information should buy his book. Although the infomercial suggests that the book makes specific recommendations for specific problems, it actually does not. In the book, Trudeau claims that the FTC censored the entire chapter titled "Cures for All Diseases." However, Daniel Kaufman, the lead attorney in FTC's most recent case, told Dr. Stephen Barrett that as long as Trudeau is not promoting brand-name products, he still has the First Amendment right to claim that various methods or product ingredients are beneficial. Frequent airing of the infomercial has driven the book to the #8 position at Amazon Books, but many of the buyers are highly dissatisfied. As of February 2, 2005, more than 60% of the 188 posted reviews have characterized the book as a ripoff. Trudeau has been the target of several FTC regulatory actions and has served time in prison for credit card fraud. Infomercial Watch has posted a detailed analysis of the infomercial.

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