Biking Kennebunkport Loop in Maine

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With a map in hand and a GPS strapped to my bicycle, I headed off on this 30 mile loop that starts in Kennebunkport and winds along the very hilly Ocean Ave, then cuts up Route 9 to Biddeford Pool, and cruises empty roads on the way back. Lugging the camera along and snapping pictures while biking was a challenge, but here's a collection of photos to share with you if you'd like to check out this recommended route. [74 photos.]

A Suggested Mountain Bike Route Through Great Brook Farm State Park

Mountain Bike Route Through Great Brook With map in hand, or in pocket, and my new Trek underfoot, here's a route I tried out at Great Brook Farm State Park in Carlisle, MA. Click on the map image for a larger, annotated version of the map with the route highlighted.


Setting sun illuminates storm clouds over Concord

Sunset over Concord Car lights streaming by on summer evening

Geocities Guestbook - Recovered

Before this blog on, and before at all, I began a homepage with Geocities back in 1994, my first experience with homepage wizards or any kind of content management. Soon after getting hooked on HTML, I began building a laberynth of photo galleries and personal information, and after a couple of years I had managed to hack together some form of a Guestbook form on my own. Well, I know that Guestbooks are so 90's, but nevertheless I've rescued my Geocities Guestbook off and am republishing it here...

Name: Jeremy Reines
Date: April 22, 2001

Hi Stephen: Loved your web. Great photos, I am sure you are going to love my site as well. I have just launched the MOST AMAZING virtual tour of Madrid at and I would love for you to place my mini Java refresh live Plaza Mayor image on your website, if you place it on your links page I will include your URL in on my Madrid Webs dropdown menu, you can see more about htis program I have created at

Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you soon,

Jeremy Reines...

Name: ylse sanchez
Date: April 19, 2001

Hi Steve,

Hace mucho que no se nada de ti, aunque no nos conocimos personalmente, se que eres un buen chico y espero estemos en contacto. Como sabes, estoy en Alemania con mi esposo y ahora espero un bb, estoy feliz. Recibe muchos carinos y escribeme pronto.

Tu amiga, Ylse


Bicycle Route Thru Concord, Carlisle, Sudbury, and Lincoln

Now that I've mapped some bicycle tours around Concord as shown here, today I combined and traversed the suggested routes. Two hours, two flattened turtles, one flattened skunk, one eighteen-wheeler, and many clumsy landscape trucks later, here's the stats on this combined loop:

2001 Giant Cypress DX

Garmin Forerunner 201
Time: 2:02 (2 hours, 2 minutes)
Distance: 28.47 miles or 45.5 kilometers
Average Speed: 14.0 mph or 22.4 kph
Average Pace: 4.3 min/mi or 2.7 min/km
Highest Speed: 30.7 mph or 49.1 kph (on Lincoln Rd, near Audubon Sanctuary approaching Rt 117)
Calories burned: 1,895 (estimated by Garmin's setting for body weight)

I prefer to strap the Garmin Forerunner to my Giant Cypress DX handlebar rather than my arm because it makes viewing much easier. Seeing my current speed and distance provides constant motivation. The velcro strap fits snugly around the handlebar when wrapped over the headlamp mount.

An easier way to take ColdFusion thread dumps on Windows

Thread dumps are often used a diagnostic utility to qualify and quantify the page requests running in a ColdFusion MX or JRun server. This is most useful for servers that appear to be hanging or spiking the CPU.

Brandon Purcell demonstrates how to generate ColdFusion MX thread dumps, also known as stack traces, while running it as Windows Service rather than from the command line.

Obtaining a Thread Dump with ColdFusion or JRun running as a Windows Service
While there is a limitation if using Terminal Services, this method will otherwise allow you to attach to a running jvm process to take a thread dump.

What to do with a ColdFusion thread dump once you've got it? This Macromedia technote on Debugging Stack Traces in ColdFusion MX helps make sense of it, although in my experience you have to read quite a lot of thread dumps before they start to look warm and fuzzy enough to be familiar, but that is when they start to offer up some of their secrets :)

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Mountain Biking in Carlisle and Kudos to Belmont Wheelworks

Click for photo gallery of Great Brook Farm State ParkNow that I'm on my sabbatical, I've started doing more road biking every day, and I realized I wanted to hit tougher trails, too, but my Mongoose hardtail was a little out of shape. Thus was the impetus for visiting Belmont Wheelworks, on Trapelo Rd in Belmont, MA and my purchase of a new Trek Fuel 80 full suspension mountain bike. After researching hardtail and entry level full suspension mountain bikes online from Giant, Gary Fisher, Cannondale, and Trek, I settled on the Trek Fuel model since the price was lower among full suspension models, although it seemed to have very good components including tires, rear suspension, brakes, and derailleur.