This week I've returned to the office from Macromedia's generous sabbatical program. For the last 45 days I've occupied myself with a wide range of activities, and surprisingly almost none of which had anything to do with ColdFusion. Now that's a vacation!

For the first three weeks I remained at home and spent most of days biking the roads to nearby towns, walking in parks and conservation lands, reading some of my favorite magazines, and catching up on many of my Tivo'd programs like PBS documentaries as well as part of my Northern Exposure collection. I was able to make significant gains towards my fitness goals, and I've lost between 15 and 20 pounds.

Steven and Mercedes, September 2005 The last half of my sabbatical was spent in Spain where my wife and I were married in a 12th century church in a very small town in the Pyrenees called Eresue, with a reception at Hotel Valero in the neighboring town of Benasque. We stressed quite a bit with all the planning and organizing, with the flowers, the quartet, meetings with the priest, my tuxedo, her dress, the wedding favors, the guests arriving from the US, and more. It all paid off though, and the wedding went beautifully. Soon I'll have some snapshots posted, but in a few weeks we should have the wedding album and digital images from the professional photographer.

There are several vendors I'd like to complement and recommend, which I'll do in greater length later, but for now let me say that I've found superior service and had a great experience with the Men's Warehouse where I purchased my tuxedo, BodasDVD of Barcelona who handled the wedding photography, and Hotel Valero who managed the reception from A to Z. Soon I'll be posting a major rant about about Air France who proved to have the worst service of any airline carrier I've ever flown, on both flights to Spain and back to the US.

This week I'm easing myself back into the ColdFusion Commmunity, catching up on weeks of blogs (especially the proliferous bloggers Ray Camden, Pete Freitag, and Scott Stroz), and filtering hundreds of emails. I won't be up to full speed for another week or so. To get back into ColdFusion programming and administration I'm attending Ray Camden's Macrochat on Validaing Input Parameters today, surveying the CFMX 7 Certification Study Guide, and collecting several recent issues of CFDJ.

I'll also have to retrain my left hand so that I can properly type the letters q, a, and z on the keyboard while wearing a wedding ring :)

Looking ahead, some areas of interest that I'd like to pursue include building a BlogCFC 3.9 & Aura starter kit, reading up on Eclipse plugins, getting more familiar with CFEclipse and Model-Glue, checking out more about ColdFusion on Rails, and learning to build Mac OS X widgets. I'd also like to reevaluate how to best produce ColdFusion podcasts and reinvigorate the Online ColdFusion Meetup Group. Also, let's not forget that Merrimack or ColdFusion MX 7.01 is coming soon!

So, I'm back, and I look forward to sharing more with you and hearing more from you.