Some AdminAPI methods are server configuration only

The new ColdFusion MX 7 Administrator API feature provides a supported mechanism to read, create, and modify CFMX settings, as described in the documentation. Additional information about what methods the AdminAPI can provide is found by browsing to the various CFCs that implement the API. The CFC Explorer renders metadata about API methods including hints, properties, arguments, and usage.

For example when browsing to /CFIDE/adminapi/runtime.cfc you'll find a summary of methods available at the top of the page including clearTrustedCache, getLastClientID, and getJVMProperty for just a few. You'll also note that some methods are marked by an asterisk to indicate they are private methods intended for use internally to the CFC such that publicly accessible methods may call the private methods in turn.


Breaking the silence

Just when I returned from sabbatical and started getting blog-happy, I ran into an error that prevented me from updating or inserting into the blog database. It had stopped me from adding new blog entries this week, and if you had encountered an error recently when adding a comment, please try again. I worked with my ISP to resolve the problem, and I can finally release my blogging frustrations!! :-)

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