This is old news, but worth posting regardless of the many other blogs that have also rebroadcast this article...

Simon Horwith, editor at ColdFusion Developer's Journal, has written an important article that does a nice job to dispel the negative myths that remain attached to ColdFusion, even after ten years in the market place.

Misconceptions and Myths About ColdFusion

... The real battle to dispel myths and misconceptions about ColdFusion is not taking place at conferences and user group meetings. It's happening in the workplace, and every ColdFusion developer shares the responsibility to dispel any misconceptions or myths they encounter and to defend the use of their beloved product. Fortunately, one thing that's certainly true about ColdFusion developers is that they are enthusiastic, even fanatic, about the product; so there's no shortage of people to defend its use. Unfortunately, we don't all know what to say or how to respond to every objection thrown our way. That is what this article is about - to justify the use of ColdFusion or even its existence within an organization. Each of the myths and misconceptions surrounding ColdFusion could be classified into one of three categories:

  1. Misconceptions about its capabilities
  2. Misconceptions about its community or corporate support
  3. Misconceptions about its cost