Simon Brooks, a former coworker of mine at Allaire and Macromedia, has become an innovative storyteller and launched the business DiamondScree. Simon's a very nice guy with a great imagination. Check out his website:

Simon began spinning yarns and telling tales in 1991 when he would perform for school groups and families at Youth Hostels in the United Kingdom before moving to the States. In 2003 Simon became a Children's Librarian and freelance storyteller. He has performed for libraries, schools, and private functions and festivals telling to young children and adults. Combining his passion for children's literature and folklore, Simon creates a fun program for all ages. His repertoire comes mainly from European folk and faery tales, but Simon also includes stories from South America, Africa, China and Japan amongst other countries and cultures. All these stories are given life and animation by unique voices, as they are acted out in front of a captivated audience.

Simon Brooks performs tales with energy and wit. Telling folktales, myths and legends from all over the world, he brings characters like Ananzi the Spider, the trickster Raven, Wayland Smith, Merlin and Dionysus vividly to life. From the world of stories Simon captivates his audience with unique voices to animate characters and with expressive body language, he truly brings the stories to life.

Simon made his first CD over the winter of 2005/6 which was released to great applause in June 2006. "Second-hand Tales" To find a copy of his CD, please visit Here you will be able to hear his storytelling at his finest.

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