ASP Thrashed by ColdFusion

The Allaire Headquarters in Newton. -sniff-

Ah, it brings a tear to my eye. Those were the good ol' days for sure... Check out this homemade video of ASP getting stomped on by the CF Patrol. This video is absolutely hysterical!

Seperation of Static and Dynamic Content When Using WebSphere

Serving dynamic (cfm, cfc, jsp) and static (htm, jpg, css) content from the WebSphere J2EE Web Application Server using the IBM HTTPD Web Server can sometimes be challenging. I've often recieved questions on the seperation of content over the years from people using ColdFusion MX on WebSphere, although ColdFusion just happens to be incidental to the matter.

This problem description explains:

In summary, the issue is getting Apache configured to serve web resources and having CF process CFM files. The only way we could get it to work was to put all files under Webshphere, which means we can't deploy HTML or use Apache for serving images, css, etc...

We have a root context of /. We tried putting the CFM files under the Apache home directory with the HTML, as you would in JRun. We also tried splitting them with the CFM files under the websphere home and HTML under Apache home. Neither one would work for us.


BlogFusion by Jake McKee,... Today!

At noon today (US/EST) Jake McKee will provide an overview of his ColdFusion-based blog (and photoblog) software, BlogFusion. BlogFusion is a powerful, un-encrypted, easy to install, easy to use blog functionality. If you would like to set up a ColdFusion based blog in a matter of minutes, this one's for you. This event is hosted by the Online ColdFusion Meetup Group.

BlogFusion by Jake McKee
Please RSVP here for the meeting and to get the Breeze Meeting URL.
(The Breeze Meeting URL is the link under more information on the RSVP page)

This is a free event at 12:00 noon US/Eastern time today. For time-zone assistance see Time-Zone Converter.

To join the meeting, first RSVP, then open a browser at the meeting time and date and go to the URL shown below under more information of the RSVP page. When Breeze Meeting starts, click the button on the right to enter as a guest, where you will be prompted to enter a name. (ignore the pair of text fields on the left for username and password, just use the Guest login to the right).

Please enter your name when logging in to the meeting if you wish to be eligible to win a giveaway at the end of the meeting. The giveaways will be a BlogFusion license and a book on an Adobe product. Users with unidentifiable nicknames such as "fozzy" or "aaa" will not eligible, and you must send me the link to your member profile on the OCFMG website.

If you've never used Macromedia Breeze, get a quick overview.

The meeting has just been recorded for public viewing later. You can watch this presentation at any time with the following URL:

Archived: BlogFusion 5 by Jake McKee. Approximate running time is 1 hour.