Sleestacks are scary stuffSleestacks are scary stuff in The Land of the Lost, and so are ColdFusion MX thread dumps.

So many threads, so many stacks, what to do, what to do?

Never fear, SeeStack is here! ... from Webapper, the folks who make SeeFusion. A very helpful utility similar to SeeStack is used by Adobe ColdFusion Support Techs like me. SeeStack can quickly suck up gobs and gobs of those gnarly thread dumps(1) on one end and spit out(2) just the highlights of what you need to know on the other end.

To debug applications that seemed slow or hung, I used to manually read those unsightly stacks while my eyes would glaze over. But then I emerged from the primordial world and started using a stack trace analyzer. SeeStack will make debugging bottlenecks pages much, much easier and far less time consuming.

Thanks Webapper!

(1)(2) This phrasing has not yet been approved by the friendly marketing people at Webapper ;)