Listen to iTunes for fun and profit!

The Now Playing pod has been updated to take advantage of the additional info present in the iTunes plug-in on Windows such as Amazon Associate ID URL, Amazon album artwork, and Apple Music Store URL. I've also added a Creative Commons license, and changed the pod behavior so when iTunes is stopped a message states that no song is playing but provides text, artwork, and URL of last song played.

The pod will link the album art or title to the Amazon URL with your Associate ID if you configure the Now Playing plug-in that way and if the plug-in sends that information with the now_playing.xml XML packet. The current Mac version of the iTunes plug-in cannot be configured for Amazon or Apple Music store, but if you use iTunes on Windows then you're good to go. At work I listen to iTunes on Mac, so you will only see the linked artwork in my pod on the left when I'm at home.