After some late evening blog reading I put away my laptop and decide to catch the last half of the local news. Channel 5 then begins a web site review in a section they call The Click, and they begin to highlight a website where you can compete for Florida vacation packages. I snag the Tivo remote and hit rewind three times before my wife starts to give me the eye, so I hit record and risk rewinding one more time. Finally, it hits me... I think to myself, that's Doug Hughes' new site, and blurt out, "Hey, I know that guy!". So I get out my laptop to start blogging this - at least its warmed up already.

You know Doug, too. He's the Alagad guy who makes ColdFusion-based software including Captcha and Image CFCs, as well as the new Reactor framework. :)

Turns out that you can watch the video segment on WCVB's website:

The Boston Channel, The Click:
Bid On Your Next Florida Vacation