Scientific American Podcast

Science researchers, students, and enthusiasts now have a comprehensive and reputable source of science news in audio format since Scientific American has started its own podcast.

Scientific American Podcast

About the host:

Join host Steve Mirsky each week as he explores the latest developments in science and technology through interviews with leading scientists and journalists.

Episode 1:
In this episode, Scientific American editor-in-chief John Rennie reflects on the Korean stem cell debacle; the National Inventors Hall of Fame announces this year's inductees; and evolution defender Eugenie Scott discusses the importance of the decision in the recent Dover evolution trial. Also: hear outtakes from the CSI show you're never going to see on TV.

Flickr Photographer's Press Badge

Flickr has a wizard to help you generate your own (unofficial) Flickr Photographer's Badge. Wear it whenever you venture into the urban wild with camera in hand. I plan to laminate and wear mine in one of my conference badge holders. You never know just how far it might get you!

Badge Maker: Create an Flickr ID badge using your digital photographs
Make your own (unofficial) Flickr badge. Print it out, laminate it, wear Flickr with pride! Show the world how truly photographically geeky you really are!

Once I generated my badge, I downloaded it locally as JPG, opened it in Photoshop CS2, added a layer to the image, and used a Graphire Tablet Pen to add my signature (due to security concerns, I have now replaced the image with a fake signature using a font). The final version was flattened as saved in JPG again. Someone has conveniently made a suitable backside of the Flickr Badge to give it that professional look!

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Web application could not be found to accept sessions for replication

Session replication is a feature of the JRun 4 server where session data from a server instance that partipates in a cluster propagates that data via RMI to other session buddies in the JRun cluster. For ColdFusion MX 6.x and 7.x servers that run on a JRun 4 cluster, there are several situations that might result in the following error appearing in the JRun server's out.log:

The web application 'cfusion-ear#cfusion-war' could not be found to accept sessions for replication