Neuroscientist Eric Kandel on The Charlie Rose Show

Eric Kandel is a living legend in Neuroscience. A pioneer in the field and author of several of my textbooks on the subject. I recall the comments I used to get on the subway when lugging around his massive 1400 page text on Principles of Neural Science. That text is the Neuroscience bible, and I still have it sitting on my desk at this moment. I'm very excited to watch this video, but I'll have to wait until this weekend.

Set your Tivo to record today's repeat broadcast of this Charlie Rose episode on your local PBS station(s) or watch it online on Google video,

Neurobiologist / Nobel Laureate
Columbia University / Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Author, "In Search of Memory: The Emergence of a New Science of Mind"

My First Photo Contest, A Main Street Point of View

The Concord Museum called me this week to let me know that I won the photo contest for A Main Street Point of View. This weekend I visited the museum's Brooke Hall to see my photos on display, where they will remain for the duration of the museum's exhibit of the same name as the contest. My prize was a gift certificate to Anderson Photo, the cosponsor of the contest, along with a few museum passes to give out. Here's a litte more background about the contest.

There were only nine photographers contributing to the show, but it was my first photo contest so I'm very proud anyway.

Stanford the Golden Goose of Silicon Valley

Stanford still fertile for valley tech ventures

Via ACM TechNews, the San Jose Mercury News reports on the world-class graduate programs at Stanford and the endless stream of bright scientists and engineers flowing into Silcon Valley, thus seeding businesses including Google, Yahoo, Hewlet-Packard, Cisco, and VMWare.

Not in Silicon Valley? The Stanford Center for Professional Development has an extensive online curriculum with video recorded lectures.

Pixl8 Resource List for ColdFusion MX and JVM Tuning

Pixl8 Interactive is a London based Internet Consultancy and Design Services company. They've put together a handy list of resources to turn to for more information about how to tune ColdFusion MX servers and JVMs as well.

Pixl8: Coldfusion MX Tuning

Stacking up the IT Certificates

If you're in Massachusetts, you might want to know that the Boston chapter of the IEEE is holding a 21 hour course on an Introduction to Java Servlets and JSPs, using Head First Servlets & JSP as a guide. This local chapter of the IEEE has a fantastic continuing education program. This Servlet and JSP class will run on Monday nights from late April to May at the Sheraton in Lexington, right off Rt 128. The price is very reasonable at around $550, a bargain at less than $22/hour.

The course perfectly complements the Java and J2EE certificate program that I'm taking at Boston University on other nights. In fact, the IEEE course on Servlets and JSP overlaps with the BU classes on JSP and Servlets.

Using these complementary courses to propel me, I expect to take the Sun Certified Developer and Sun Certified Web Component Developer exams at the end of June.

In mid-April I'll retake the hottest certificate exam, the RHCE. (Update: Mission Accomplished!)

In May I'm scheduled to finally attend the Moving Up to ColdFusion MX 7 and Advanced ColdFusion MX 7 at RemoteSite Training, and I'll follow that up with the ColdFusion MX 7 certificate exam, too. This will be the first time I've had ColdFusion development classes since 2000 with Fast Track and Advanced CF4.5.

On a couple upcoming weekends I'll be taking the Stanford Computer Security Certificate Program, an 8 hour online course in Computer Security Principles, Introduction to Cryptography, and Secure Programming Techniques. The course is concluded with an online exam.

Once these Server and Programming courses are over, I'll add to my 40 hours of Photoshop CS2 training from TotalTraining and try to knock out an Adobe Photoshop ACE certificate this summer or fall.

I feel like I've been progressing well on many related technologies, ... getting my ducks lined up, so to speak. This will be the year to knock them all in.

Red Hat Linux's RHCE Certificate is Hottest Cert for 2006 published their ranking of the most influential IT certificates for 2006, and the RHCE has jumped out ahead as the #1 IT certificate, pushing aside the Cisco and Microsoft Security certs. Their results are derived from a combination of reader surveys and staff buzz ratings.

CertCities.coms 10 Hottest Certifications for 2006

Next month I will attend the RH300 four day course with one day exam for the second time. How'd I do on my third try? Last October I attended this course and narrowly missed passing the 80% requirement for the six hour performance based exam . This time I've ramped up on my deficiencies and hope to do better. In 2003 I earned the intermediate level of RHCT (Red Hat Certified Technician), which is a three hour hands on exam .

(Update: Mission Accomplished!)

Red Hat Certified Engineer Program
RHCE and RHCT are performance-based tests that measure actual competency on live systems. Other training programs teach students to answer multiple choice questions instead of how to perform on real-world systems. Red Hat training and testing focuses on practical hands-on skills. No wonder Red Hat's RHCE Program has been called the "crown jewel" of Linux certifications. A recent Independent Survey ranked RHCE highest quality training and certification in IT!


Screenshots of installing RDS Plugin for Eclipse


Given the confusion surrounding the download and installation of the RDS Plugin for Eclipse and Flex Builder 2, I've put together a series of screenshots demonstrating the process on my Mac.

Hopefully, this set will help familiarize you with the RDS plugin if you haven't used it yet.

Fedora Core 5 Linux Released

The Fedora Project announces the fifth release of Fedora Core, available for the i386, x86_64, and PPC/PPC64 architectures. DVD, CD and network installation are available.

Fedora Core is an operating system and platform, based on Linux, that is always free for anyone to use, modify and distribute, now and forever. It is developed by a large community of people who strive to provide and maintain the very best in free, open source software and standards. Fedora Core is part of the Fedora Project, sponsored by Red Hat, Inc.

Unrecognized deployment: file:/C:/CFusionMX/

If the ColdFusion MX root directory is missing the META-INF directory, then the following errors may occur:

Error shown in browser

view plain print about
1Server Error
2Either the macromedia server is unreachable or does not have mapping to process a request

Warning found in default-event.log
view plain print about
1Starting Macromedia JRun 4 (Build 63824), default server
2info JRun Naming Service listening on *:2901
3Starting ColdFusion services...
4- Starting logging...
50 [main] INFO coldfusion.server - Starting logging...
6info JRun Web Server listening on *:8500
7info JRun Proxy Server listening on *:51010
8warning Deployer Service failed to deploy file:/C:/CFusionMX/
9 * Unrecognized deployment: file:/C:/CFusionMX/
10Server default ready (startup time: 10 seconds)


Recommendation for BodasDVD Wedding Photographer of Barcelona

I highly recommend Bodas DVD wedding photographers in Barcelona, Spain. They met with us on several occassions the year of the wedding to coordinate the plan and requirements, and they were very accomodating to our wishes. They even traveled 4 hours to the wedding without charging us, although we did provide a hotel room for them. Carlos and his collegues were very helpful and patient throughout our wedding day. The result was a one hour interactive DVD movie of our wedding and a beautiful, leather bound wedding album of 20"x30". Everyone to whom we showed the album commented that they've never seen such a beautiful and unique album, and they all complemented the photographer's skill and style. Carles de Gispert also runs the multimedia business of Inedita and IneditAleph, and regularly uses Adobe image and video design products.

Recomendation Recomend Wedding Photography FotographÃŒa GallerÃŒa Matrimonio Matrimony Wedding Marriage Marry Ceremony Professional


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