My Windows XP SP2 laptop has been crashing during shutdowns while referencing drvnddm.sys in the blue screen memory dump. It was also producing a pop-up system error shortly after logging in stating

Direct Access Component has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Some research turned up this helpful web page about the BSOD which indicated the problem might be due to Sonic Solutions software. As per instructions, I went to the Add/Remove Programs menu, found, and removed the following programs:

  • Sonic RecordNow!
  • Sonic Update Manager
  • DLA

Upon removing RecordNow! an alert notified me that DLA would also be removed, although I still had to remove it separately afterwards. DLA was something I installed a couple months ago along with the Sonic software that allowed me to treat an external Plextor DVD/DL burner as though it was a hard drive, where I could write, read, and rewrite data easily. I found my laptop would often hang when accessing the drive so I stopped using the external burner on the laptop.

Removing these three programs solved the problem.