More information here, but Anderson Photo is hosting a photo contest of Concord's main streets while collaborating with the Concord Museum. The museum is hosting a show of the same name, and I gather that the contest is a way to draw attention to and benefit both parties.

I stopped by Anderson Photo just this morning to provide my 3 entries printed in their original aspect ratio on heavy weight archival matte paper. The rules do not state that the photos must be 8x10", nor do they say that they must perform the printing and matting. Rather, the rules suggest that they will do the matting for you if you provide an 8x10, and they specifically say it is permitted to submit photos in print form. They firmly let me know that the prints are required to be 8x10 and that they must do the printing in glossy or satin, but not matte. Rats!

You can imagine that I was rather unhappy when I was abruptly told that my 7x10" photos were not acceptable and that Anderson Photo must do the printing. I tried 3 times to contact the owner Lynda Anderson but she was not available since she arrives late in the day, but then was out walking her dog when I called at the time I was told she'd be in, and she has not returned my email inquiry on the matter.

Update: Can you imagine how ticked off I was after all this hassle from Andersen Photo that when I arrived to see all the contest photos on display about half of them were NOT in 8x10 format. Why did they give me such a run around for then? /END RANT

Having given in, this evening I've began with the original images and reworked them to the style that I like while cropping them into an 8x10" format, something that did not please me very much since I prefer the wider aspect ratio. Tomorrow I'll submit them in digital format, having met all the implicit requirements. The last day to enter is Friday this week.

Just last week, the Concord Journal printed an article titled Photo shops focus on the future. The article is a snapshot of how photo stores and retailers are adjusting their businesses to better accommodate the shifting consumer trends towards wide spread use of digital camera.

Last year I began using my Canon EOS 20D Digital SLR and I think its worth every penny and then some. While I took a course on an introduction to digital SLRs at the local Decordova Museum, in retrospect I recommend a less expensive alternate of Blue Crane Digital training DVDs to master the technical properties of the specific camera model combined with Total Training Photoshop DVD training which provides short and exhaustive video courses of professional graphic design with Adobe Photoshop CS2. I've completed 3 Total Training courses on Photoshop, about 40 hours in all, and I expect to become certified in Photoshop CS 2 very soon.

My contest entries were selected in part based upon a survey that I sent out to my friends and colleages that allowed them to vote on their favorites. Out the top 10 favorites, I chose these three as my personal choice to represent the theme of Main Streets of Concord. A reception will be held on March 26 at the Concord Museum where winners will be announced.

Just tonight, a collection of my Concord photos were published on the Spring 2006 edition of Concord Magazine.