I highly recommend Bodas DVD wedding photographers in Barcelona, Spain. They met with us on several occassions the year of the wedding to coordinate the plan and requirements, and they were very accomodating to our wishes. They even traveled 4 hours to the wedding without charging us, although we did provide a hotel room for them. Carlos and his collegues were very helpful and patient throughout our wedding day. The result was a one hour interactive DVD movie of our wedding and a beautiful, leather bound wedding album of 20"x30". Everyone to whom we showed the album commented that they've never seen such a beautiful and unique album, and they all complemented the photographer's skill and style. Carles de Gispert also runs the multimedia business of Inedita and IneditAleph, and regularly uses Adobe image and video design products.

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From the Bodas DVD website:

Nuestro trabajo consta en retratar y reproducir el dÌa de vuestra boda, mediante los soportes de un ‡lbum digital, un dvd interactivo, un portal de internet exclusivo y la posiblidad de mini-‡lbumes.

Todos estos soportes parten de la base de unas fotographÃŒas y un video en el que intentamamos plasmar la realidad de forma documental. Nos alejamos de la grandilocuencia para buscar la sencillez y realidad.

BodasDVD Primer Premio Nacional de FotographÃŒa [2005]

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