I recommend this 40 minute podcast of Peter van der Linden on the topic of getting started with Linux to any Linux novice or any Windows user a change to considering Linux. Peter describes the history and culture of Linux, with comparisons to Windows, as well as how to understand what makes a Linux distribution and how to choose one to suit your needs.

Rob Greenlee, host of Web Talk, speaks with recognized Linux expert Peter van der Linden.

He is an author of many books and is a software consultant who specializes in Linux and open source. He talks about his latest book, the newly published "Peter van der Linden's Guide to Linux", describing this fast developing operating system which can be used instead of Microsoft Windows. The book includes a full version of the latest Linspire distribution.

Peter discusses the many challenges that Linux still faces to be able to capture significant desktop and laptop install market share. He talks about now being a great time to buy a Linux based desktop or laptop computer and shares how to buy a new Linux based computer system.