If the ColdFusion MX root directory is missing the META-INF directory, then the following errors may occur:

Error shown in browser

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1Server Error
2Either the macromedia server is unreachable or does not have mapping to process a request

Warning found in default-event.log
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1Starting Macromedia JRun 4 (Build 63824), default server
2info JRun Naming Service listening on *:2901
3Starting ColdFusion services...
4- Starting logging...
50 [main] INFO coldfusion.server - Starting logging...
6info JRun Web Server listening on *:8500
7info JRun Proxy Server listening on *:51010
8warning Deployer Service failed to deploy file:/C:/CFusionMX/
9 * Unrecognized deployment: file:/C:/CFusionMX/
10Server default ready (startup time: 10 seconds)

The log file indicates that the JRun server did start up, and it is listening on the JNDI, JRPP, and JWS ports, but the problem is that the ColdFusion MX application server itself failed to start or deploy within the JRun J2EE container.

CFMX META-INF Directory and application.xml Although I can't explain why this directory might go missing, I've found a few reports of this. One report specifically said that there was a complete power failure in the data center, and when the server came back online requests to the ColdFusion MX server began displaying the first error above in the browser, and further digging revealed the deployment error in the log.

The solution is to confirm if the META-INF directory is missing or not, and if so then find the META-INF directory on any similarly installed ColdFusion server and copy it to the bad server.