The Adobe website recently posted the following job listing for college internships in the Boston area: (Job ID: RP020605)

Adobe's (formerly Macromedia) ColdFusion engineering team is looking for Software Engineers with exceptional coding and design skills. These interns will work closely with the larger ColdFusion team in creating and enhancing one of the following areas:

* The ColdFusion compiler engine
* ColdFusion tags and/or functions
* The ColdFusion Administrator User Interface


* Help develop one or more product features, from requirements generation through design, coding (in Java), debugging, and product shipment.
* Work closely with QA engineers to ensure quality throughout the development cycle.
* Provide adequate documentation suitable for consumption by other developers and the documentation team.

Knowledge & Skills:

* Enrolled in a BA/BS in Computer Science or related technical field.
* Ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with teammates.
* Experience designing and coding applications using object-oriented techniques.
* Ability to interact with Java developers, and find creative solutions to their needs.
* Motivated self-starter who likes working on very productive fast paced teams.
* Positive attitude.


* Knowledge of Java.
* Knowledge of common web server-side technologies.

Please apply through the Adobe website. Search for Job ID: RP020605