IT Conversations Podcast on Understanding Linux

I recommend this 40 minute podcast of Peter van der Linden on the topic of getting started with Linux to any Linux novice or any Windows user a change to considering Linux. Peter describes the history and culture of Linux, with comparisons to Windows, as well as how to understand what makes a Linux distribution and how to choose one to suit your needs.


Film of the day: Concord, MA by Matthew Grant

Turn Here: Short films, cool places
A short vignette of historic Concord, Massachusetts.

Hop a train to Concord and explore the nexus of the American Revolution and revolutionary philosophy.
By Matthew Grant and Andy Vermouth

I found this short film among the sites linking to my blog. A warm and friendly look at some of the characters of this town.


Online Edition of Concord Magazine for Spring 2006 Publishes My Photos

I'm happy to announce that the publisher of Concord Magazine, Deborah Bier, has kindly published a small collection of some of my photographs of the town of Concord in Winter. This online magazine has a large subscription base of people throughout the USA and abroad, so the distribution is significant.

Concord in Winter, Concord Magazine Spring 2006

The new issue is filled with the flowers and foliage of a beautiful Concord Spring. A dozen pages of events, activities, stories, photographs and more!

This week I will be entering a local photo contest, A Main Street Point of View.

A Main Street Point of View - Concord Museum holds photo contest

More information here, but Anderson Photo is hosting a photo contest of Concord's main streets while collaborating with the Concord Museum. The museum is hosting a show of the same name, and I gather that the contest is a way to draw attention to and benefit both parties.

I stopped by Anderson Photo just this morning to provide my 3 entries printed in their original aspect ratio on heavy weight archival matte paper. The rules do not state that the photos must be 8x10", nor do they say that they must perform the printing and matting. Rather, the rules suggest that they will do the matting for you if you provide an 8x10, and they specifically say it is permitted to submit photos in print form. They firmly let me know that the prints are required to be 8x10 and that they must do the printing in glossy or satin, but not matte. Rats!

You can imagine that I was rather unhappy when I was abruptly told that my 7x10" photos were not acceptable and that Anderson Photo must do the printing. I tried 3 times to contact the owner Lynda Anderson but she was not available since she arrives late in the day, but then was out walking her dog when I called at the time I was told she'd be in, and she has not returned my email inquiry on the matter.

Update: Can you imagine how ticked off I was after all this hassle from Andersen Photo that when I arrived to see all the contest photos on display about half of them were NOT in 8x10 format. Why did they give me such a run around for then? /END RANT


Sonic RecordNow! BSOD, drvnddm.sys, Direct Access Component problems

My Windows XP SP2 laptop has been crashing during shutdowns while referencing drvnddm.sys in the blue screen memory dump. It was also producing a pop-up system error shortly after logging in stating

Direct Access Component has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


The ColdFusion Engineering Team is Looking For a Few Good Interns

The Adobe website recently posted the following job listing for college internships in the Boston area: (Job ID: RP020605)



The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is currently accepting registrations for 35 intensive, week-long programs designed especially for professionals. Courses taught on campus by MIT faculty from June through August. Earn a certificate and CEUs. Offerings include biotechnology, chemical engineering, energy, IT, mechanical engineering, nanotechnology, physics, technology policy, system architecture, and other topics of vital interest to today's engineers and scientists.

Visit this website to register and view course descriptions.

Fortune Names Adobe as One of "America's Most Admired Companies"

Fortune Magazine ranked Adobe as the second most admired "Computer Software" company in America. Out of the 10 top finalists in this category, Adobe scored above SAP, Microsoft and Electronic Arts. The 303 companies that earned their way onto FORTUNE's list were divided into 65 industries and then, ranked in their industry according to eight key attributes of reputation. Adobe earned its highest scores for its "quality of products/services" and "employee talent." See the Adobe snapshot showing the breakdown of the points earned.

Simon Horwith's preview of CFUNITED

Chaos during Breeze MeetingSimon Horwith provided an overview of the talks and activities that he will conduct at this year's CFUNITED ColdFusion Conference. This talk was the first in a series called CFLIVE!, where upcoming speakers will provide a sneak-peek of what they'll be doing at the conference. If you'd like to be notified of and join upcoming CFUNITED previews, sign up for the Online ColdFusion Meetup Group (the largest CFUG). For Simon's Breeze presentation today, the archived recording is available below.

CFLive! Simon Horwith on Architecture, CF 101, & Helms Cage Match

Simon experienced a problem with his USB microphone, so as a last minute hack that I've used before, Simon called me and I put the speaker phone next to my microphone and then we were good to go.

Coming up in a couple weeks... Ray Camden.

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