As a fan of the high quality podcasts from IT Conversations, I was browsing for other podcasts not in the channels to which I already subscribe. I discovered a December 2005 podcast interview with Jeremy Allaire, the founder of Brightcove, although perhaps better known as the founder of Allaire Corporation and the flagship application server Cold Fusion (Yes, with a space in the name until the late 90's).

While checking my facts while preparing to blog this, I discovered two related podcasts from IT Conversations including another panel interview in 2005 on reinventing media, as well as a 2004 interview with David Orfao of General Catalyst, formerly CEO of Allaire Corportation. (Anecdotally, my introduction to David occurred when he surprised me at my desk one morning. By coincidence, I had dropped my badge at a convenience store near my residence, and David just happened to find it shortly after).

Now, about those podcasts:

Transforming Video Distribution: Interview with Jeremy Allaire, Founder, Brightcove
At the 2005 Syndicate conference, Jeremy Allaire, founder of Brightcove, explains how using the internet can completely revolutionize the distribution of video and multimedia products.

Reinventing Media: A Panel Discussion
This panel discussion, led by grassroot media pioneer Dan Gillmor and consisting largely of audience questions, brings together entrepreneurs from different areas of the internet media world to discuss issues surrounding the explosion of online media.

Memory Lane: Interview with David Orfao, Managing Director, General Catalyst
Their conversation begins with David's early days in start-ups on the East and West coasts, his career at Frame Technology Corporation, Claris Corporation, and SQA Corporation, and his leadership as CEO of Allaire Corporation and continues with a discussion on the private equity firm he founded with three other high school friends -- long after their school days at Buckingham, Browne & Nichols in Cambridge.

For a comprehensive text interview with Jeremy Allaire regarding the origins of the Cold Fusion server (a.k.a. Prometheus), and how it preceded and in fact almost became what is is now Microsoft ASP, check out this article, available on