Brightcove logoGuest host Walt Mossberg, personal technology columnist for the Wall Street Journal, interviews Brightcove Founder and CEO, Jeremy Allaire for the Charlie Rose show on April 26. Mossberg's introduction to Allaire and some of the questions posed to him follow:

Tonight I talk with Jeremy Allaire. He's been called a serial entrepreneur. His first venture, the Allaire Corporation, focussed on building internet based applications [ColdFusion]. He later joined [sic] Macromedia as its CTO. There he helped develop the Flash Player into internet's dominant media platform. His new venture, Brightcove, which he founded in 2004, is on the forefront of convergence. Its goal is to bring down the barriers between television and the internet. The company has already attracted major investments from Time Warner and IAC interactive, among others.

  • What does it mean that you're trying to bring down the barriers between television and the internet?

  • Why is this necessary? Here's how it seems to me... First of all, the bigger companies, MTV, who else would the viewers here have heard of that are using your services?

  • Channels you can get over the internet, not over satellite, not over cable? ... Do we need more versions of the Discovery Channel that come across the internet?

  • You said something that intrigued me, can I search within it? Suppose you were distributing this show, obviously you could search by episode, but can you actually search within the sound track of the audio? ... So I can search in Google and come up with a reference to a show within your Brightcove system?

  • Lets get away from the technical for a bit. Tell me, why do we need more channels?... Why do we need to be distributing this over the internet?

  • In 5 or 10 years, are you the next Comcast?

For Jeremy's replies to these questions and all the conversation, check out the Charlie Rose website or watch the program on (of course) Google Video. The interview with Allaire begins at 38:17.

On a related note, Scott Fegette just now blogged about Brightcove:
Brightcove Commercial Preview Launches
My old boss Jeremy Allaire's new venture, Brightcove, just announced a free commercial preview today (running through August 1st '06). Brightcove enables easy distribution, browser-based management and monetization of internet-distributed video channels.