Understanding HotSpot in Plain English

Not having a degree in Computer Science means that my view of web technology begins at a granular level and necessarily seeps from the top down into the foundations of how software works. For ColdFusion this course traverses the basics of HTTP and CSS, expands into the full range of CFML tags, functions, and architecture, then arcs into databases and SQL, and continues well into the depths of Java and J2EE technology and all that's contained therein. One low level topic that has often piqued my interest has been the question of what exactly is the Sun HotSpot technology for Java Virtual Machines? Sure many ColdFusion pundits share recommendations for JVM tuning parameters, but if you're like me you find it rather superficial and want to know more about this HotSpot black box.


Cringley Speculates About Apple's Plans to Win the OS and Application Markets

In this week's edition of I, Cringely, Bob Cringely reflects on Microsoft's struggle to maintain dominance in the OS and applications market while the project schedule for Vista withers on the vine. Furthermore, Bob speculates that for Apple to remain competitive, eliminate its vulnerabilities, and even beat Microsoft on technical merits, Apple will have to entice independent software vendors to continue developing applications for OS X. Just how will Apple do that? Bob thinks Apple will buy Adobe.

Killer Apps: For Apple's Windows Strategy to Work, It Must Replace Microsoft Office and Buy Adobe Systems
by Robert X. Cringely, April 27, 2006