In this week's edition of ColdFusion Weekly, Matt Woodward and Peter Farrell interviewed Michael Dinowitz of House Of Fusion fame regarding the current state of ColdFusion Development. The conversation spanned several themes from the recent surge in the ColdFusion job market to existing and upcoming training resources to the firm backing of ColdFusion by Adobe among its stable of products.

One particular item that got my attention was the availability of ColdFusion MX video training on CD-ROM, not from one but from two independent sources, and VTC or The Virtual Training Company. This is the first I've heard of either of these training resources, so it pays to listen to ColdFusion Weekly!

The courses are both done in a similar format with screen capture and audio instruction, and both use ColdFusion MX 6.1 on Windows for the lessons. This lessons are not done in the same manner as Total Training lessons for Photoshop, Flash, or Dreamweaver, where Total Training has high quality DVD video of the instructor as well as screen captures and project files, but nevertheless, these CD-based ColdFusion training courses are the best of their kind that I've seen.

Check out their websites where they have sample lessons to watch. Since the courses have different emphases, it might be worth it to buy both so that they complement eachother, and for a total cost of about $250 that's a great deal for over 20 hours of training.

Learning ColdFusion MX, By Joey Lott, $149 / 15.3 hrs
This training resource begins with 25 minutes of installation and configuration and jumps head first into building database driven applications with an emphasis on interacting with databases and SQL, followed by session management, data structures, and charting.

Macromedia ColdFusion MX, By Darcey Spears, $99 / 6.5 hrs / 102 lessons
This training resource starts out with basic installation and configuration of a ColdFusion development environment, then focuses mainly on component-based (CFC) application development, and follows up with Web Services and XML handling.