The combined meeting of the Boston CFUG and the Online CFUG was a fantastic success due to the brilliant demonstration of FarCry CMS from Daemon, presented by Breeze UberGuru Geoff Bowers.

FarCry CMS is Daemon's flagship offering, an intuitive and extensible Content Management System that puts "controlled power" into the hands of the people who own your site content. FarCry is a cutting edge ColdFusion MX application framework for web based content management that blends the very best of open source development with commercial backing and support.

In Boston there were approximately 16 local members attending at the Adobe office, and 55 online members from Norway to Hawaii and then some. The newly announced ColdFusion Product Manager, Jason Delmore, was generous to stop by to introduce himself to the group and stay around for the event.

Copies of Advanced Macromedia ColdFusion MX 7 Application Development and ColdFusion MX 7 Certified Developer Study Guide were raffled off to 2 lucky online attendees and 2 local attendees, in addition to several other technology books from O'Reilly raffled to the Boston CFUG.

Without further delay, if you'd like to learn the basics of getting started with FarCry Content Management Software, be sure to watch this great online presentation!

Geoff Bowers of Daemon on FarCry CMS 3.0
Demo: 1 hour, Q&A: 1/2 hour

Geoff took a moment to thank Jeff Coughlin and Stephen Rittler for their support for FarCry. Stephen Rittler recently provided a 1/2 hour presentation on FarCry, a preview of the full talk he'll give at CFUNITED.