The Butterfly Place [map]
The Butterfly Place is an indoor living environment which has been carefully designed for the propagation and development of some of natures most colorful living creations. This wonderful man-made habitat is contained within a 3,100 sq. ft. glass atrium building towering to a height of over 27 ft. at its peak. Within this atriums living butterfly environment can be found a variety of colorful plants and shrubs, each of which has been selected as a source of nectar for the butterflies.

My Photo Gallery

  • Banded Orange, Dryadula phaetusa
  • Rice Paper, Idea leuconoe
  • Great Orange Tip, Hebomoia glaucipp
  • Blue Morpho, Morpho peleides
  • Owl Butterfly, Caligo atreus
  • Photinus, Parides photinus
  • Cattleheart, Parides iphidamus
  • Golden Birdwing, Troides rhadamanthus
  • Monarch, Danuaus plexippus
  • Zebra Longwing, Heliconius charitonia
  • Small Postman, Heliconius erato
  • Mourning Cloak, Nymphalis antiopa
  • Tailed Jay, Graphium agamemnon

Be sure to also watch my time-lapse video clip of Monarch from catepillar to pupa to butterfly.