My wife and I spent this past Memorial Day weekend driving through mid-coast Maine, stopping in Camden, Rockland, Pemaquid Point, Damriscotta, and South Freeport. The Maine coast incredibly beautiful, and we loved the not only the winding tidal channels that spill out into the rocky shore but the many rolling, green meadows that blanket the horizon with lush grass and wildflowers. We took some time to photograph Camden, which seemed very cozy and friendly, and not much different than Rockport, Massachusetts. The next day we had a photo session at Pemaquid Point, best known for its lighthouse and bell house with its Stephens Striking Machine to sound the bell in foggy conditions.

My Photo Gallery of Coastal Maine

I've wanted to create HDR images for a long time now. HDR is a technique in Adobe Photoshop CS 2 that starts with photographing a scene that contains a great deal of contrast with multiple exposures so that the scene is captured over a distribution of luminosities. HDR, or High Dynamic Range, is a fairly popular technique among Flickr members. The images are made by taking a range of 4 -12 photos of different exposures, from as low as -2 stops all the way up to +2 stops. This technique is well documented, so just Google for HDR How-to's, but I recommend you always use a tripod and a cable remote. I just wish that SLR cameras (I use a Canon EOS 20D) had an HDR bracketing setting that would automatically sweep through the range of 4-12 exposures just as it would with normal bracketing of 3 images. Having to manually adjust the exposure introduced very slight camera shake in the series, resulting in soft lines instead of crisp ones. In the end, I love the HDR results. Check out my first HDR image made in Camden's harbor.

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