Earlier this week I was very fortunate to attend ColdFusion MX 7 training from Fig Leaf Software. It was a great experience, and even though I recently passed the Certified Adv ColdFusion MX 7 exam, I still found the course very helpful. The 5 hours spent on Flash CFForms was the highlight of the course for me since this is one area where I've haven't spent much time.

My manager requested a brief follow-up of my experience in the course to assess the value of the material and the quality of the instruction. I'd like to extend my internal recommendation to my blog to share with everyone else.

The Advanced ColdFusion MX 7 Development training course was a valuable learning resource even for a "battle hardened" product support engineer with years of experience. In the course of supporting customers there are many of areas of ColdFusion which remained untouched or overlooked, and the opportunity to explore the full breadth of the ColdFusion language went a long way towards filling in the last gaps in my familiarity with the language and syntax.

Furthermore, having the course content delivered by Steve Drucker, the CEO of Fig Leaf Software, a leader in ColdFusion training and consulting, was a bonus because the course material was augmented with many real world lessons of high practical utility. Moreover, Fig Leaf designed and authored the course material itself, making in-depth discussion possible since the instructor was extremely well versed in the rationale behind the walk-thrus and labs.

I highly recommend this ColdFusion course from Fig Leaf training for any product support engineer or web developer at any skill level.

I'd also like to take a moment to plug Fig Leaf's new one-day course on AJAX and ColdFusion using the Adobe Spry Framework, at a very reasonable price of $495. I'd love to schedule this course sometime soon.
Developing AJAX Applications with Adobe Spry and ColdFusion