ColdFusion 7.01 for Solaris does not properly install the System V init scripts for cfmx7search (Verity K2). The source of the problem is that a file cf_root/bin/cfmxsearch is created and the file should be named cfmx7search instead. The script used to install the System V scripts to /etc/init.d and the rc.N directories is hard-coded for $CF_DIR/bin/cfmx7search, and the System V script for cfmx7search is not created. This causes the Verity K2 server to not start after a reboot.

A short term solution is after ColdFusion installation to create a symbolic link cf_root/bin/cfmx7search pointing to cf_root/bin/cfmxsearch, and then run cf_root/bin/ install-verity System V scripts.

ColdFusion MX 7.0 wrote the filename cfmx7search correctly, so this is a new problem in 7.01.