Here are a couple short video clips from a valley in the central Pyrenees, or Pirineos, in Spain. These show the mountainous region close the border of Spain and France, within the Valle de Benasque. My wife and I were married in a small church in this region, since her father and his ancestors lived in and farmed the valley using traditional, non-technological tools and practices.

Llanos del Hospital
In the north of the Valley of Benasque a refuge has existed in this place for many centuries to offer travellers who cross the pass to France a safe place to stay during their journey. Inside the hotel, the stone walls, the locally crafted wood furnishings, and the hand-painted decoration, give a typical and warmful mountain atmosphere that make Benasques Valley different from the other valleys of the Pyrenees.

- Photo Gallery of Llanos del Hospital

- Hotel Valero, Restaurante Ansils, Restaurante la Fuenroya

- Large Panoramic Photo

Valle de Benasque
A view from the Ruta HÃŒpica, an old road through the Benasque Valley in the Spanish Pyrenees. In this scene, the town of Eriste (or Griste in Patues) can be seen on the valley floor. This trail starts on El Camino del Sol near Eresue and passes along a north-western slope until it reaches Cerler, and ultimate Llanos del Hospital. In this video, the higher Valle de Eriste can be seen in the distance among the

Before modern transportation this valley was relatively isolated and had its own language, Patues. Many locals still speak Patues and the valley is trying to preseve the language by continuing to teach it in schools.

- Photo Gallery of the Ruta HÃŒpica

Thanks very much to Jim Johnson for teaching me how to use the Flash Video Encoder in Flash Professional 8 to produce these streaming video clips from .mov, .wmv, or .avi file types. These video clips were made originally with a Kodak EasyShare DX4530 5MP Digital Camera in Quicktime (.mov) format.