The October edition of MacWorld magazine includes a walkthrough of how to remotely and securely access your computers at home even though you may have a dynamic IP address which may change at any given moment. The article, Remotely Access Your Mac, considers the situation where you might be on the road but need to access files on your home computer, but without known your home IP address this would be impossible. The author carefully describes how a company DynDNS solves all that. With a DynDNS account choose a host alias or provide a full domain name, then you run software on your home computer which periodically maps that name to your home computer's (or home firewall/router's) IP address.

The article mentions briefly the concept of running a home webserver with this configuration, although a reference to a July 2005 article on MacWorld is cited, The Weekend Website, which provides very basic instructions for using Mac utilities for setting up a home website or web-based photo gallery.

For a comprehensive article regarding how to setup and secure a Linux server at home, see a recent article in Red Hat Magazine, How to Setup a Home Webserver.