View the latest ColdFusion Hotfix notifications from your ColdFusion Administrator using a custom extension. Download this zip file, and extract the extensionscustom.cfm to the /CFIDE/Administrator/ directory.

The next time you view the Administrator you'll see a new menu item in the left-hand navigation panel called "Custom Extensions". When the new Custom Extension menu is expanded, you'll see a list of the most recent hotfixes available for your ColdFusion server.

The full hotfix article title is truncated to display well in the menu, but when you mouse over you'll see the full title. Click on a link to view the full hotfix article in the main ColdFusion Administrator window.

Got BlogCFC? The code makes great blog pod, too. Just slap it into a new, empty blog pod between the module tags and add line in layout.cfm.

Use the Custom Extensions menu to view the most recent ColdFusion Hotfixes View ColdFusion Hotfixes from the ColdFusion Administrator