I'm a fan of the Snap Preview Anywhere (SPA) to provide small previews of web pages that I link to from my blog. I think it saves time by giving me a quick idea of the content behind a link so I don't have to click through, change my mind, and then click back. It also helps conserve network bandwidth usage across the internet. In fact, TalkingTree.com was just listed in the SPA 100 on Snap blog.

Go ahead, mouseover some links. You know you want to!

Ok, so maybe you don't want to mouseover the link. Maybe you don't like Snap Previews. Maybe you're just old fashioned that way. Click on the Snap Preview [options] link to adjust the preview delay, or if you're just in a foul mood that day then just disable them completely.

Not feeling cranky anymore? What if you want Snap back? Here's how to turn Snap Previews on again.

Ahhh, isn't that better now? :)