While in Burlington Vermont this weekend, I setup to do an HDR image on Church Street, the pedestrian thoroughfare with cross traffic at every block. An HDR image at night requires several long exposures taken in sequence.

While in the middle of the sequence, this driver from Morf Transit taxi service pulls up to wait for a client and stops right in front of me, although there was plenty of space in front of and behind it.

Morf Transit's Beligerent Driver

For 5 minutes I wait patiently with my wife beside me, just chuckling to ourselves over his parking tactics. No bigggie..

After 10 minutes I'm wondering if I should just move closer to the church in the distance and start over. The driver begins honking his horn to notify his clients that he's ready.

At close to 15 minutes of waiting the driver continues honking, and rolls down his windows to get some air. I took this opportunity to request if he wouldn't mind pulling forward a bit, and the conversation goes roughly like this:

Me: Hi, excuse me, would you mind pulling forward a bit please so I can take this photo?

Driver: How much money you got, bub?

Me: That's a rather rude response.

Driver: Are you from Vermont?

Me: No.

Driver: Good Bye! (rolls up window)

Me: (I get out my pocket camera and snap some shots to record this event for Flickr)

Driver: (rolls down window, begins to scream) Go ahead! Call my boss, I don't f**king care and they don't either. They'll just hang up on you.

I'm tired of all you f**king tourists coming up here with your expensive cameras, your money, your Subarus and Volvos. Go the f**k back!

(rolls up window again)

Me: Brilliant idea. Lets build a fence around Vermont!

Driver: (another minute passes while he's fuming inside, then rolls down window) I'm from Vermont. I'll be the better man here!

(pulls forward to the empty curb in front of him)

Me: OK... That's cool too.

Ironies pulled from the Morf Transit Website:
  • Your not just a customer, your part of the family.
    A dysfunctional family! (Oh, and that should be you're not your)
  • Stable, Reliable, Always There For You
    Reliably belligerent and disrespectful
  • Our trained professional staff is here to help you
    Here to help you find you way back to where you came from.

Morf Transit Training Video
a.k.a (how the company president *thinks* the drivers will behave)