7:00 AM
Wake up early (yes, 7AM is early for me) to prepare to go to the Apple Store opening at 9AM

7:10 AM
Check the Apple website and find that the countdown still reads 11 hours. By 10/26 they didn't mean morning of 10/26. Back to bed.

4:45 PM
Leave work to head over the Apple Store at the Natick Collection Mall

5:30 PM
Join the line camped outside the locked doors of the Apple Store. A kid in front of me walks the line, returns to his father to report that they are #38 in line.

5:35 PM
The frumpy old guy next to me starts chatting with about Macs. Says that he's a web developer that works at home and uses Dreamweaver and Flash on PCs and wants to trash them for Macs instead.

5:45 PM
Employees (Geniuses? Geni?) from the Apple Store roll out a cart to hand out bottled water to everyone waiting in line.

6:00 PM
The line trails back as far as I can see and then around the corner inside the mall. The doors open. Surprsingly the line calmly moves forward rather than a mad rush. Passerbys keep asking why we're all standing line. Some guy in line tells them we're waiting for Sox tickets.

6:02 PM
I'm in! Paths of travel are marked off in the store as though they were check-in lines at an airport. I'm directed to someone handing out "X" T-shirts. Damn... they have XL, not XXL.

6:04 PM
In line at the Genius Bar at the back of the store, a Genius named Beverly approaches me with a mobile device to take my order right there. I take a single copy of Leopard and skip the family sized 5 pack. I also ask for an iPhone.

6:05 PM
The Genius Beverly asks if I'd like to get the warranty on the iPhone. I reply that I don't want it since the first thing I'm going to do is void the warranty by hacking it to add all the cool applications.

6:05 PM
The Genius stares at me blankly.

6:06 PM
I remind the Genius that Steve Jobs isn't releasing the iPhone SDK until February 2008, so until then you have to hack the phone and break the warranty to get the cool apps.

6:06 PM
The Genius continues with the blank stare then walks away seemingly discombobulated.

6:09 PM
The Genius returns with the mobile sales register, an iPhone, and a copy of Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5). We complete the transaction right there while still standing in the line for the Genius Bar.

6:12 PM
I'm ushered back toward the store entrance/exit to make room for all the other Leopard fans pouring in

9:30 PM
The iPhone is all set up, ready to be hacked.
Leopard installation is next on my radar...