You'll never complain about the traffic in your town again! Driving in Bangalore, India is not for the faint hearted. Bangalore has undergone an extreme population explosion in the last decade with the growth of the IT Industry. In my experience, Bangalore has unparalleled traffic congestion and chaos compared to anywhere in North America or Europe.

The first 3 minutes of this video are the last stretch in our daily commute from the Leela Palace Hotel to the Adobe office on Bannerghatta Road along the IT corridor. Starting at 4 minutes into the video is a backseat view from a ride inside one of those yellow-capped auto rickshaws from the office to the nearby Forum Mall. It was as much fun as an amusement park!

This is my first visit to India and Bangalore, and although I didn't warm up to the unfamiliarity of the local culture at first, its definitely growing on me. The people here are very polite and friendly, much more so than New England I think. I had been warned of the food here and to eat at American food chains, but my Indian colleagues have helped introduce me to local dishes and I'm really enjoying them now.

My colleagues at the Adobe office here are absolutely fantastic to work with. They're all very highly trained and most have degrees in software engineering. I'm very impressed and proud to work with them. Although they are hardworking, the mood in the office seems to always be fun and good spirited with lots of interaction and cooperation, and some cricket playing thrown in too.

I'm fascinated with the traffic though. Whats most amazing is the ladies wearing saris riding crosslegged on the backseat of a motorbike, sometimes holding an infant, and sometimes with another child riding on the handlebars. Maybe we temporary expats will commute all on one motorbike next week! ummm, ok, no.

While in Bangalore I had the opportunity to visit the Bannerghatta National Park, containing a zoo and safari park in dubious states of repair, but fun nevertheless. I recently discovered another colleague from Adobe, Alan Musselman, posted his own video of the safari park bus tour (Think Jurassic Park)