Its already after working hours here on the East Coast, so many Photoshop Express users out there may not yet be aware that the Terms of Service (TOS) have been greatly revised based on user feedback. The TOS are no longer so all-encompassing as they were when Photoshop Express went live last week.

In fact, I think they are written to be much more readable since they now include (parenthetical) plain english explanations of the generally terse legalese, and I think users will find the new TOS to be respectful of your copyright on your intellectual and creative property.

The TOS now include a means of terminating Adobe's display of your images on the site if you so choose, which should provide a greater measure of comfort to using or considering using the online photo editing and sharing service.

You can read the kinder, friendlier Photoshop Express Terms of Service here (see Section 6: Use of Your Content)