The Boston Globe newspaper today cited Massachusetts Governor Patrick's administration appointment of a newly created title, Creative Economy Director.

From Boston Globe:

The appointment of Jason S. Schupbach of Boston illustrates the growing role creative sectors play in economic policy as states compete for jobs, companies, and skilled workers. Beyond the direct employment provided by museums, art galleries, and design and other creative firms, the vitality of the local arts and cultural scene is increasingly viewed by development specialists as key to attracting knowledge workers expected to drive 21st century economies...

The creative economy is loosely defined as a variety of nonprofit groups and for-profit firms that center on visual and performing arts, including film, advertising, architecture, and tourism.


In my own experience, I'm a new member of the artist organization at Western Avenue Studios in Lowell, a former textile mill of the industrial age now rejuvenated and converted to an extensive collection of studios. The studios are fantastic but they're run at a loss by philanthropic investors. I hope the state's effort to focus on the local creative industry makes such artists' communities more profitable and more prolific across the region.