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Fri Oct 02 7:26 PM
Ghosts of ColdFusion Past
Fri Oct 02 4:40 PM
@john_mason_ Thanks. Indeed, the server was under high load.
Fri Oct 02 4:21 PM
Ditto that! RT @awest: Working at home really blows. Not.
Fri Oct 02 3:44 PM
@charliegriefer Enjoy! Twitter is gonna have a melt down. #adobeMAX
Fri Oct 02 3:12 PM
Have you ever launched the ColdFusion Server Monitor and seen the buttons for Monitoring, Profiling, and Memory just not show up at the top?

Fri Oct 02 1:14 PM
@javierjulio Thanx Javi. Just saw the prop under inherited properties. I missed that one. And thanks for the caveats (@cfsilence too)
Fri Oct 02 1:13 PM
@cfsilence @bpanulla Thx for quick replies. I didn't see that in the Webservice API bc it was hidden under inherited properties. Thx!
Fri Oct 02 1:06 PM
Hrm. How does one specify a timeout for mx:Webservice (or even mx:HTTPService) in Flex? Never thought about it before.
Fri Oct 02 12:42 PM
@cfjedimaster @aliaspooryorik Ah, I was looking at "" not ""
Fri Oct 02 12:41 PM
@cfjedimaster Actually, no I don't. The only thing yellow is a yellow button that says Add Tag. The word recipe does not appear at all.
Fri Oct 02 12:37 PM
Cancelled $3000 5day workshop in Mexico with the Strobist in favor of a 2day $1k workshop with Brianna Graham in MI.
Fri Oct 02 12:32 PM
How do I create new entries in the Adobe ColdFusion Cookbook? I'm logged in but don't see any kind of link to participate.
Fri Oct 02 1:31 AM
@dloxton @coldfusion Thank you. Using the iFrame view I was able to register for the online keynotes. #AdobeMAX #ColdFusion
Fri Oct 02 12:39 AM
@coldfusion Clicking the Register Now button on the MAX Online screen changes view to blank panel with no information #AdobeMAX #ColdFusion
Thu Oct 01 10:20 PM
An example I found that proves a good photo doesn't just happen by simply putting a model on a set with some lights
Thu Oct 01 10:16 PM
@devnulled I think the Aspens in Fall are what I miss most about Colorado. That and friendly people.
Thu Oct 01 10:15 PM
Yeah, I have a mannequin named Madge. So what?

Tue Sep 29 9:24 PM
On the shoulders of giants like @mojokiss - RT @mojokiss: @stevenerat is HELL of a photog nipping at heels of hi-end fashion & portraiture.
Tue Sep 29 9:08 PM
Just learned about SOPHA (Studio of Photographic Arts) from alt #photog @mojokiss , located in Manchester, NH. Founded by @Dastardly_Dave
Tue Sep 29 6:55 PM
@BlakeBroad Thank you. That's just the type of hosting support review I was looking for
Tue Sep 29 5:47 PM
Thinking bout software support. Where do u get support? Vendor, 3rd prty? What do you like about it? What would you add 2 improve?
Mon Sep 28 8:54 PM
touching computer keypad daintily as to avoid an electric surge come shooting up my arm while this wicked thunder / lightening storm pass by
Mon Sep 28 8:45 PM
@jhawkes is the font registered in the ColdFusion Administrator's Font page? #hating
Mon Sep 28 8:14 PM
@mobarger I remember installing 10g XE for Win several years ago and it was amazingly easy. I feel 11g is going backwards in complexity.
Mon Sep 28 8:07 PM
3 hours later, the installation and configuration of Oracle 11g database on WinXP is still chugging along... yawn.
Mon Sep 28 5:20 PM
When will that @orbisflash arm attachment be ready? Not using my ring flash until I can devote both hands to the camera. #photog
Mon Sep 28 5:16 PM
Installation of Oracle on Mac OS X was too much of a headache, so falling back to putting 11g on WinXP instead. Sigh.
Mon Sep 28 5:08 PM
@mojokiss Thank you! Great to learn from you. Hopefully some of your coolness rubbed off. (Its probably not cool to cool anymore... sad)
Mon Sep 28 5:01 PM
Re-read the CFGURU thread on ColdFusion support (and its reported suckage). I'm not participating in that thread, but buy me a beer sumtime
Mon Sep 28 11:41 AM
@tangon I have a cousin, Gary, who has a full fledged vineyard and winery in N.E. PA, including tasting room.
Sat Sep 26 7:57 PM
Excellent creative instruction fr/ @mojokiss RT @mojokiss: did lighting and artistic direction on a shoot w/ @stevenerat & @liilii. AMAZING
Sat Sep 26 2:29 AM
Bastards! I spent over 2 hours trying figure out why TweetDeck and Firefox won't start without sudo. A reboot fixed it.
Sat Sep 26 12:33 AM
Recovered my FIrefox bookmarks w/ Import > Restore > Choose File > {one of the json backup files} WHEW!!!!
Sat Sep 26 12:15 AM
Now I know which situations Linux beats Mac: file system transparency
Sat Sep 26 12:11 AM
@iotashan Thx. Found this article and at least I recovered the 5 backups FF automatically makes:
Fri Sep 25 11:55 PM
@commadelimited I think if you set only height or only width as fixed size, Flex will scale down proportionally on other side.
Fri Sep 25 11:53 PM
Trying to troubleshoot why Mac update issue, I backed up, then installed new Firefox. I've lost all bookmarks/pwds after revert

Tue Sep 22 9:41 AM
I'm one monkey short today. That pretty much says it all.
Tue Sep 22 12:30 AM
Started with Jefferson Airplane tonight, crossed over to Johnny Cash, and wound up at Judas Priest.
Mon Sep 21 11:55 PM
@phone_is_tapped As soon as my son grows up a few more months I'll be ramping up more shooting & needing good MUA. MM:
Mon Sep 21 11:42 PM
@john_mason_ Forget about it. At GMC its frozen solid. Only a serious security or server crashing issue would hope to see daylight now
Mon Sep 21 11:35 PM
@john_mason_ I'm not in the beta, but its interesting to observe that ColdFusion bugs are reported for GMC. Ship date must be imminent.
Mon Sep 21 11:11 PM
Its truly amazing that Johnny Cash would write the gruesome lyrics to Cocaine Blues back in the 60s when country music was largely tame
Mon Sep 21 10:47 PM
Johnny Cash has one of the smoothest voices all time. Listening to his cover of Tom Petty's "I won't back down"
Mon Sep 21 10:24 PM
Listening to Heart, Triumph, and Jefferson Airplane. If I were driving right now I'd be doing a hundred or more.
Mon Sep 21 8:36 PM
Just discovered the S3 Firefox Organzier plugin for managing files on an Amazon S3 file storage service. Uploaded crossdomain for Flex too
Mon Sep 21 11:43 AM
@JoeMcNallyPhoto Blog post not showing up. The link looks good though.
Sat Sep 19 10:02 PM
Watching "High End Industry Retouching Techniques" video tutorial on DVD
Sat Sep 19 7:01 PM
At Barnes&Nobles I usually find the ColdFusion books and put some in more prominent sections, like PHP, Java. Today there were none at all
Sat Sep 19 6:09 PM
What's wrong with this picture? #Linux
Thu Sep 17 11:27 PM
Wondering why I spent the money on JoeyL's Photoshop tutorial last year. Great photog, hack tutorial.

Thu Sep 17 9:17 PM
The Leica M9 Rangefinder camera. You'd never guess by its modest looks that it costs $7 Gs.
Thu Sep 17 8:57 PM
@silverph #photog
Thu Sep 17 7:54 PM
Figured out how to easily change the EXIF metadata in an photograph, like camera model, shutterspeed, etc. Might have fun with Flickr...
Thu Sep 17 5:16 PM
@demirkapi Cool, will be good to see you there. Wish I had more time to hang around but have to return to Boston that night. #CFDevCamp
Thu Sep 17 5:14 PM
Thank you Adobe for sending me to India several times and letting me rack up the miles. I'm flying to CFDevCamp for free. :-)
Thu Sep 17 4:23 PM
Signed up for CFDevCamp (mentor). Flying in Friday night, then back home on the redeye Saturday. #coldfusion
Thu Sep 17 4:10 PM
@jlamoree Ok Rachel Rae, put your stomach back in your pants ;)
Thu Sep 17 4:06 PM
@joaofernandes Since that's my topic at RIA Unleashed the week after CFDevCamp, I'll probably still be writing it on the plane
Thu Sep 17 3:51 PM
@webRat Better yet, I'll ask for Photoshop retouching tips!
Thu Sep 17 3:45 PM
@charliegriefer Question 1: Did the orange hot pants leave any elastic waistband marks? On second thought, I don't wanna know
Thu Sep 17 3:36 PM
Thinking of registering for ColdFusion DevCamp Nov 7th in San Fran. Mentor or attendee? Hmmm
Thu Sep 17 1:45 PM
Just discovered that my 7mo old son tweeted - 0" - when playing with my iphone last evening. Hope he didn't send any emails too
Thu Sep 17 1:41 PM
@tpryan If you're looking for a ColdFusion consultant to help manage your migration we can help you out ;-)
Thu Sep 17 12:50 PM
@commadelimited np. This pocket guide has nice section on using vid, including captioning:
Thu Sep 17 12:43 PM
@commadelimited On popup window try this: <mx:Button label="Close" click="myVideoDisplayComp.pause();PopUpManager.removePopUp(this);"/>
Thu Sep 17 12:37 PM
@commadelimited In one of the events related to closing the popup, issue themovie.pause()
Thu Sep 17 11:30 AM
@kroche Ah but the CF team there is nearly always available by email and chat until midnight their time. A dedicated bunch.
Thu Sep 17 11:20 AM
Hrm... Is it a holiday in India? Bangalore? I may have to wait till tomorrow to continue my conversation.
Thu Sep 17 11:03 AM
100th ColdFusion Meetup in 1 hour. Josh Adams - CF as backend 4 iPhone apps. SeeFusion among special prize giveaways

Wed Sep 16 4:50 PM
@cfwhisperer Thanks Mike. Its been taking load for 1 day now, and everything looks smooth. Logs are just about empty. SeeFusion happy.
Wed Sep 16 4:47 PM
The best waste of 5 minutes of your life you'll ever spend: Total Eclipse of the Heart, Literal Version (video):
Wed Sep 16 4:46 PM
@matt416 What's the deal with CF on Mac? I used to QA CF on Mac/Linux/Unix/Win for Adobe.
Wed Sep 16 4:39 PM
@jessversus Stop what you're doing and check out the literal version of Total Eclipse of the Heart: You're welcome ;-)
Wed Sep 16 4:36 PM
Watching a 4 ColdFusion instance JRun cluster that I set up on beefy Solaris machine take high volume traffic being weaned over to it
Wed Sep 16 3:50 PM
I live in a town small enuf that horses pass me & cars stop in the middle of the road just to chat
Wed Sep 16 2:46 PM
Crap. Time for a bike ride after a very busy day, but now all the nutjobs are on the road after school. Lets hope I come back in 1 piece.
Wed Sep 16 2:09 PM
Two monkeys, yes monkeys, starring in the movie "The Zoo Keepers" being filmed near Boston, were evacuated today from the Liberty Hotel
Wed Sep 16 1:57 PM
Researching java.lang.NullPointerException at com.mysql.jdbc.Statement.setMaxRows( in ColdFusion 801 on Windows / MySQL5
Wed Sep 16 12:38 PM
busy busy busy busy busy
Tue Sep 15 9:31 PM
@rukumar Thanks Rupesh!
Tue Sep 15 9:31 PM
@joaofernandes @iotashan Shan has been neck deep in ORM for a while, and there's at least one thorn to deal with. Can't find bug num atm
Tue Sep 15 9:05 PM
@rukumar @iotashan Rupesh, We'd be very grateful if you have a moment to hear the issue.