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Tue Sep 15 9:04 PM
@iotashan @rukumar Shan meet Rupesh. Rupesh meet Shan. You guys should talk CF9 ORM. ;-) Rupesh, Shan works with me & has an ORM issue
Tue Sep 15 8:51 PM
No CF Admin DSN setting for isolation level, but u can add SET TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL <level> as u're validation query as workaround
Tue Sep 15 5:36 PM
Tue Sep 15 4:13 PM
@berniedolan Yup, and I was on a downhill at 35mph, slowed to 15 then skidded to within inches as he made a blinkerless right turn

Tue Sep 15 3:48 PM
note to self: don't bike after 3pm when the after-school nutjobs that hit the road. Thx Ford Bronco that cut me off then hit the brakes.
Tue Sep 15 3:46 PM
@eyelock Excellent! Thanks David!
Tue Sep 15 1:56 PM
So the ColdFusion Admin API doesn't have a method to set a JNDI datasource (such as those created in jrun-resources.xml then added to admin)

Sat Sep 12 10:09 AM
@commadelimited Any word on a reschedule of @bennadel 's #jQuery bootcamp in NYC?
Sat Sep 12 10:06 AM
... and by digital assist I mean I'll collect images on the fly from 1st photog, & rapidly edit & build slideshow to present @ reception
Sat Sep 12 10:05 AM
Photog equip all packed & ready. Standing by to assist at a wedding in Salem, altho I do not yet know the addr. Will 2nd shoot & dig asst
Sat Sep 12 1:05 AM
The Emperors New Clothes comes to mind when everyone else around me seemed blinded to the obvious that Flex isn't RAD like CF, but should be
Sat Sep 12 1:01 AM
Adobe's just gonna luv me for that quote ;) RT @commadelimited: Beginning Flex: Why u should learn Flex & AS3 -
Fri Sep 11 3:12 PM
@thecrumb Entirely possible that the image is a tight crop from a much larger photo, & could have been taken by an asst shooting only crowd
Fri Sep 11 11:03 AM
@commadelimited mx:Application backgroundColor & backgroundGradientColors, or defined in css then reference w/ mx:Style source=""
Fri Sep 11 9:36 AM
@rukumar Extra Lazy.... LOL!
Fri Sep 11 12:43 AM
@strobist John Harrington (DC Photographer) gave a thorough 5 hour lecture (Boston) on the biz of photography including much on SEO strategy
Thu Sep 10 10:02 PM
Sweet! My Dan Winters book arrived today. #photog
Thu Sep 10 9:11 PM
@iotashan "Luke, I am your father" #nonsequitur
Thu Sep 10 9:01 PM
@iotashan If you were on Lombard St in downtown Baltimore circa 1987, then yes, that was you.
Thu Sep 10 8:54 PM
22 years ago Olan Mills trained me to do portraits. Then they sent me to work in the city photog'ing foul mouthed kids. I quit on Day 1
Thu Sep 10 8:19 PM
@iotashan I'll be a nice guy and just reply kindly. While biting my tongue.
Thu Sep 10 8:12 PM
Got a FB question: "What kind of camera do you recommend I buy to get nice photos like yours?"
Thu Sep 10 7:25 PM
@lolajl Maybe, but they are their own boss, and I haven't posted the embarring ones (yet).
Thu Sep 10 7:22 PM
Hrm. When someone untags themselves from a Facebook photo, I guess it means they really didn't like that photo.
Thu Sep 10 6:17 PM
In light of phishing scams, Chase Bank should avoid emails with text links "" having real link to ""
Thu Sep 10 4:51 PM
@styggiti Yup,watched that the day he posted it :D Have not tried it yet. His blog says he was voted in top 20 wedding photogs in world
Thu Sep 10 4:48 PM
@styggiti Yeah, I hope to observe carefully to see what I can learn from him. I'd like to see the "Brenizer Method" panorama in action.

Fri Sep 04 9:36 PM
Yet another goddamn wireless transmitter (WFT-E5A) required for the Canon 7D. Sure I've got $700 to throw away every time I update my SLR.
Fri Sep 04 9:31 PM
How to Solve America's Health Care Crisis in 5 Minutes (or less) - Patrick Quinn (of Webapper, yes, Webapper)
Fri Sep 04 9:16 PM
Listening to Heart's "Crazy on You" & remembering days of hanging out in muscle cars at Loch Raven park with a few six packs & time to kill
Fri Sep 04 7:30 PM
@lextopia The wild grape vines on the side of the road smell so sweet these days
Fri Sep 04 5:13 PM
@loulesko That happens to me all the time without my permission, then slather Google ads all over them and rake in the bucks
Fri Sep 04 4:54 PM
There, I've done it. I committed a talk to RIA Unleashed: LCDS Data Management for Mere Mortals: A Practical Approach
Fri Sep 04 4:45 PM
Cool, there's an app, um, product for that. Mount your iPhone on your bicycle!
Fri Sep 04 4:34 PM
iPhone should have an app that monitors the elevation of your bike route and warns you if your fat ass won't be able to make it up that hill
Fri Sep 04 4:09 PM
Advanced Cat Yodeling (YouTube) via @ErbPhoto
Fri Sep 04 1:41 PM
Trying to write a witty description for my LCDS talk at RIA Unleashed. Yeah, right.
Fri Sep 04 1:10 PM
Ancient 100 year old skeleton found in Cambridge, MA home. I love how in the USA "ancient" can mean 100 years.
Fri Sep 04 11:52 AM
Fantastic fine art portfolio at Kencredible #photog

Fri Sep 04 7:50 AM
@DevLano Also, w/jrun enable verbose connector logging, then tail -f the apache error_log while getting page. Also check jrun/logs
Fri Sep 04 7:46 AM
@DevLano JRun: Check for ear/war name. cfusion.ear may not be correct. New instances created as cfusion-ear/war
Fri Sep 04 2:01 AM
My most interesting HDR images on Flickr: #photog
Fri Sep 04 1:59 AM
I have Graphics Authority master suite, but haven't yet learned to use them. I see @TreyRatcliff's final texture pix have cool borders
Fri Sep 04 1:50 AM
yeah, what he said ->RT @lightroomblog: @stevenerat If the move tool is selected ;) (cycle thru photoshop blend modes with option/shift/+)
Fri Sep 04 1:36 AM
Hey @TreyRatcliff You can cycle through blend modes with option/shift/+ rather than hunt an peck
Fri Sep 04 1:35 AM
Photoshop blend modes explained in detail by @julieannekost (PDF)
Fri Sep 04 1:28 AM
@styggiti Yeah, I'm finding the end result to be too much texture, but there are some subtle techniques i like. ( & tons of textures incl)
Fri Sep 04 12:59 AM
Watching @TreyRatcliff's new textures tutorial #photog
Fri Sep 04 12:15 AM
I subscribed to kencredible's channel on YouTube #photog
Thu Sep 03 8:42 PM
@instante First time I encountered poor scrolling in Flex 3 lists I struggled b4 discovering SmoothScrollingList
Thu Sep 03 7:31 PM
@paulkukiel Snow Leopard has screen capture built in
Thu Sep 03 7:03 PM
The Maker Faire finally comes to the east coast, Rhode Island. Late notice for me, but maybe next time.
Thu Sep 03 1:03 PM
The Adobe Waltham (Boston) webcam shows some continuing construction and little auto traffic. Room to grow there

Thu Sep 03 12:46 PM
I'll have to drive towards Boston soon to see if Adobe is moving into the brand new state-of-the-art building yet.
Thu Sep 03 12:38 PM
The documentation & examples for LCDS Assembler method fillContains() is clear as mud. #coldfusion
Thu Sep 03 12:28 PM
@javierjulio This week I'm reading all the LCDS documentation for CF to build a preso for RIA Unleashed.
Thu Sep 03 12:27 PM
@javierjulio The mx:Image sourceChangeEffect thingy will be useful for future projects since I already completed my (unpublshd) photog site.
Thu Sep 03 12:23 PM
<cfargument name="fillArgs" type="array"> "fillArgs is a list of arguments to pass to the fill method." <-- yah, that's real helpful #lcds
Thu Sep 03 12:12 PM
Number of times I've been in the pool this summer: 1. #parenthood
Thu Sep 03 12:16 AM
Now that the 7D release date rumors have been confirmed, any better confirmation on the Canon 1D Mark IV ?? #photog
Thu Sep 03 12:03 AM
@iotashan I'll be in Grand Rapids shooting models in the city's alleys that weekend.
Wed Sep 02 11:25 PM
Admiring some @LITHIUM_PICNIC photography. Processing and styling are phenomenal.
Wed Sep 02 11:21 PM
Does anyone use Plaxo given that LinkedIn is so popular as professional social network site?
Wed Sep 02 10:47 PM
@TreyRatcliff No worries. Your followers would hunt me down if I interfered with your HDR production pipeline, so watch that road!
Wed Sep 02 10:10 PM
Barbaric. Hard to watch. Undercover Investigation at Hy-Line Hatchery in Iowa (WARNING) (Vegan sponsored video)
Wed Sep 02 9:57 PM
That's what I'm talkin bout! RT @cf_sarahk: #coldfusion vs. LAMP "CF is the better tool "
Wed Sep 02 9:40 PM
@Drew_kav Under menu > help there's an option for Deactivate. The product can be activated elsewhere. Upgrade question u should call Adobe
Wed Sep 02 9:06 PM
@lolajl a hyper NYC editor that just doesn't get the message like a pycho ex.
Wed Sep 02 8:59 PM
@boyzoid Yes, a firm grimace and menacing eyebrow might help. Thx
Wed Sep 02 8:57 PM
Oh my god, my stalker just contacted me by one of my lesser known emails. First Flickr, Facebook, blog, then telephone, now that.
Wed Sep 02 8:55 PM
@marcesher Worse, I have a bank that makes me print PDF forms then send them by snail mail or walk them in.
Wed Sep 02 8:51 PM
@Drew_kav I've deactivated from my computer to let my wife install it on hers. No Prob. (BTW u r allowed up to 2 installations)
Wed Sep 02 8:26 PM
@demirkapi I'm lucky that walking home for me means walking down the stairs, but then again, that doesnt burn calories

Wed Sep 02 12:52 PM
@strobist Oh good, that saved me the cost of airfare coz I was gonna have to fly down there this afternoon! ;-)
Wed Sep 02 11:28 AM
I don't respond well to being stalked on Flickr, Facebook, my blog, and now by phone. Go away.
Tue Sep 01 7:44 PM
There's no way that could have been a pint of Cherry Garcia. Nope... They must be making the carton smaller and calling it a pint. Yup.
Tue Sep 01 6:06 PM
@nathanstrutz cfml2wddx(struct) ??? #ColdFusion
Tue Sep 01 5:40 PM
@joaofernandes Just an intro to getting started with LCDS DM and CF. AFAIK, not many people using it, and its a reasonably complex topic
Tue Sep 01 5:20 PM
Tue Sep 01 5:19 PM
@fuzzyorange I had some exp as CF8 QA testingLCDS DataManagement EventGateway. Seems like LCDS is still niche for most CFers
Tue Sep 01 5:06 PM
If LCDS can automatically integrate with Hibernate (bypassing need for an Assembler), can it directly integrate with ColdFusion 9 ORM? Hrm.
Tue Sep 01 4:57 PM
Lots of LCDS reading today. Need to present on LCDS DataManagement with ColdFusion at RIA Unleashed (Please god give LCDS an Admin!)
Tue Sep 01 4:53 PM
@fuzzyorange I was hungry for more testing :D
Tue Sep 01 4:39 PM
Little known fact: First summer job after high school was Quality Assurance...for meat packing co. Taste testing bacon, ham, lunchmt. True
Tue Sep 01 2:27 PM
@styggiti Each PW Flex TT5 is about $220. (PW+ = $175) FlexTT5's TTL let you worry less about flash exposre in tough situations (weddings)
Tue Sep 01 2:23 PM
Decided to not read more of Enterprise Flex from O'Reilly bc their BlazeDS modding / hacking distracts me from learning actual LCDS better.
Tue Sep 01 2:21 PM
@styggiti @robwilkerson However, I'm now very happy with PocketWizard FlexTT5 radio control of TTL flash, esp when using multiple flashes
Tue Sep 01 2:19 PM
@styggiti @robwilkerson Nikon's CLS flash system offers more control from the camera over remote flash & flash ratios than Canon
Mon Aug 31 10:20 PM