As you may have noticed, blog is rather barren these days. I find that while I work, while I relax at home (that is when I'm not working at home), or even when I'm mobile I'm nearly always using Twitter, and less so Facebook.

Unless you've been living under a rock you've heard of Twitter by now. If you're still not sure, Twitter is a bit like group chat where you post a short summary of what you're doing or what's on your mind, and other people that are interested can reply. While I'm not going to explain Twitter fully here -- you can find that on -- it can be very useful for sharing up to date information about a particular interest with lots of other people that share that interest. Most of my Tweeps fall into one of several interest groups... There's those interested in Photography, those interested in Web Technology, and those that happen to otherwise be friends or family. There are several applications you can use to watch Twitter updates. My favorite for use on a computer is TweetDeck, and on my iPhone I use Twitterific. One reason to love using an iPhone with Twitterrific is that I can be anywhere, shopping, getting a haircut, or at a conference and have the ability to take a cell phone picture for upload to Twitter with a brief description about what's going on.

Twitter and Facebook are such interesting places to socialize online while sharing information that I've neglected my blog for quite some time. To address that problem, I'll be posting summaries of recent Tweets to my blog here where you can catch up on some of the things I've been talking about. Although, this is a bit like sitting next to someone that's on the phone since my Tweets here are only half the conversation some time. To get the full benefit of Twitter you really have to follow both sides of the conversation.

To accomplish updating this blog with my Tweets, I whipped up a quick ColdFusion script to pull in my Twitter RSS feed and convert to HTML with all usernames and URLs converted to actual links. I'll next try to automate this so that my blog gets regularly updated with my Twitter summaries.

Of course, if you're already on Twitter, Follow Me, and on Facebook Add Me as a Friend.

How to read tweets

  • If a tweet begins with an at sign, its a username, like @JoeSchmoe. Its at the beginning because I'm replying to something that Joe Schmoe tweeted earlier.
  • If a @username appears later in the tweet but not at the beginning, then i'm refering to that user, like Hey, did you see that cool widget that @JoeSchmoe built?
  • If a tweet begins with RT, that means Re-Tweet, and its kinda like holding up a megaphone. On Twitter you Follow or subscribe to certain people, and in turn other people follow you. The people that subscribe to your tweets may not be following the people that you subscribe to. So by retweeting someone that you subscribe to, you are amplifying that persons tweet by broadcasting to all the people that subscribe to you. Confused yet? If your subscribers are interested in the retweet, they may then follow that original person (a.k.a tweep or twit).
  • If a tweet has a word beginning with a pound sign like #photog, that's called a hashtag. Hashtags are used as labels to identify a topic for your tweet. Later people can search by hashtags to see tweets from everyone that talked about that topic. In this case, #photog means the tweet is about photography or a photographer. This in contrast to #photo without the last 'g' and it is used for tweets about a particular photo.

Recent Tweets for Mon June 29, 2009

Mon Jun 29 10:09 PM
2 nights in a row my son doesn't want to sleep coz he's not feeling well. Long nights of frequent rocking, not much sleep for me.
Mon Jun 29 4:45 PM
@JoshuaCurtiss Pretty sure it was CF5 -> CF6 w/ the J2EE conversion. I was on the team at Macromedia that reviewd poss bkwds compat issues
Mon Jun 29 4:39 PM
@jlamoree Holy cow, a fradulent Lactating Lesbians infringement claim from Cream Ridge, NJ. That just, em, *sucks*!
Mon Jun 29 12:52 PM
@jonbcampos Apache XSL-FO

Mon Jun 29 12:33 PM
Mmmmm... Scrapple by mail order! But their mail order "season" doesn't start until November. CRISIS!
Mon Jun 29 12:21 PM
Lee Majors on TV ad hawking "bionic" hearing aids
Sat Jun 27 10:40 PM
w00t! Got Flex BrowserManager working with multi-level, nested components, parsing or updating the URL based on several parameters.
Fri Jun 26 9:01 PM
@aarongreenlee Great news for Red Hat! (But why that's in CFDJ I dunno)
Fri Jun 26 9:00 PM
So Flex 4's Spark List comps will support smooth scrolling, but Adobe decided to no patch Flex 3's Halo: Grrrrr.....
Fri Jun 26 8:55 PM
Flex's inability to scroll smoothly in TileList is known issue: (via Tom Cornilliac) "Flex: Making Easy Things Hard"
Fri Jun 26 5:46 PM
Flex Question: How do i smooth the jerky transition in TIleList when function advances selected item with myTileList.selectedIndex++ ? Thx
Fri Jun 26 2:43 PM
Why, I mean WHY does the White House Press Secretary need hold a discussion over MJ's passing? Um, what about national debt, taxes, Iran??
Fri Jun 26 1:02 PM
@shutupdanielle *was* operational? My town sends out monthly bulletins for when to expect the windows to rattle. Sounds operational to me
Fri Jun 26 11:29 AM
@Pogue I think Adobe laid off the guy that does that. :-/
Fri Jun 26 11:10 AM
Demolition training today at local military base. Either that or New Hampshire just invaded during their lunch hour. Live Free or Cry.
Fri Jun 26 11:08 AM
RT @remotesynth: Tentative name of my 1 day Flex/ColdFusion event is RIA Unleashed : Boston & tentative date 11/13 at Bentley College
Fri Jun 26 10:35 AM
@KiaAnderson Corba? Seriously? *No one* that does ColdFusion does Corba.
Fri Jun 26 10:12 AM
@ryanguill Enjoy the day, hope its good weather down there. So, what's next?
Fri Jun 26 10:04 AM
@jeffcrossphoto (in Billy Crystal voice... ) You Look Marvelous!
Fri Jun 26 9:06 AM
Ugh. Out of Starbucks ground coffee. Almost freaked. Fell back on my Dunkin's stash.