Recent Tweets for Wed July 01, 2009

Wed Jul 01 2:59 PM
Thx @fuzzyorange . Looks like a known condition with its own JVM flag -XX:-UseGCOverheadLimit
Wed Jul 01 2:56 PM
@dfgrumpy Thx. Its the "GC overhead limit exceeded" part I've never seen before. Researching now. Might be a new verbiage, nothing more.
Wed Jul 01 2:50 PM
First time I've ever seen this in ColdFusion: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded
Wed Jul 01 2:48 PM
@awest @cfaddict minus ~30% in taxes of course.
Wed Jul 01 2:37 PM
@mvanleest Linux, CF80 RedHat 5. I'm thinking its a large cf.registry file for client storage since cf startup pauses at "Starting client"

Wed Jul 01 2:36 PM
@cfaddict I think it comes down to good content (you've got that) and a good SEO strategy according to the Google Bible
Wed Jul 01 2:14 PM
@cfaddict There was a time when I was earning almost $4k/yr with Adsense. Down to 1k now.
Wed Jul 01 1:46 PM
@bigmadkev Yeah, dealing with client system. The classloader issue regards slow *app* startup not slow cf startup.
Wed Jul 01 1:30 PM
@umAndy Nope, its CF8.0 JVM 1.6.0_01. I think its due to a very large cf.registry file. CF startup pauses on "Starting client..."
Wed Jul 01 1:02 PM
CF tweeps: Looking for reasons of slow CF 8 server startup (not to be confused with slow application startup). Clues? #coldfusion
Wed Jul 01 12:43 PM
@cfjedimaster There's a way to kick the other users off.. Used to use it couple years ago, but can't remember right now.
Wed Jul 01 11:55 AM
I've noticed that with the FF3.5 upgrade my gmail chat is wacked showing everyone offline. Load up Safari, they're all online
Tue Jun 30 7:30 PM
Asst Managing Editor Michele McNally oversees #photog for The NYT, on "The Future of Photography"
Tue Jun 30 7:17 PM
RT @fotozine: RT @mashable Flickr2Twitter: Flickr Enters the Twitter Stream - #photog
Tue Jun 30 5:02 PM
@oticellos There's a new checkbox in CF801 for "linked oracle" servers. Should be simple as that. The SID should be the RAC #ColdFusion
Tue Jun 30 4:46 PM
Until #ColdFusion documents the details of Oracle RAC support, refer to DataDirect doc for generic JDBC support for RAC
Tue Jun 30 4:32 PM
A professional modeling agency in Boston is using Microsoft Document Viewer when reviewing images submitted from #photog's. Unbelievable!
Tue Jun 30 3:30 PM
If you loved Leo Laporte in TechTV, you'll love this too: RT @rmedina: Watching
Tue Jun 30 2:33 PM
Hard to believe someone at a modeling agency would say 'I am just not that technologically advanced' about opening JPG files. #photog
Tue Jun 30 1:56 PM
Confirmed new "Enable Oracle linked servers support" is for Oracle RAC support in CF801. There's a bug to add documentation 4 the feature.