Fri Jul 10 1:57 PM
Happy Friday! A few backlogged portraits updated. Lydia and Ms Asphyxia #photog
Fri Jul 10 12:59 PM
@remotesynth Nice, I didn't even know Cringely was still writing columns since he parted with PBS. I used to read them every week.
Fri Jul 10 12:41 PM
@chrisadragna This is old news since Labs was first published under Macromedia. Wiki was a canned app, and a better one in CF didn't exist
Fri Jul 10 12:38 PM
New Portrait: Twelve Feet (@tangon) #photog #photo (posting again for Left Coast peeps just waking up)
Fri Jul 10 12:05 PM
According to @klout, I'm influential to these peeps: @stevei @claymgarrett @styggiti @coldfusionPaul @ranarula.
Fri Jul 10 11:45 AM
@photonconcepts Thanks for the #FF!
Fri Jul 10 10:51 AM
New Portrait: Twelve Feet (@tangon) #photog #photo
Fri Jul 10 9:54 AM
Oh no, Geocities is closing. Sniff. That was my first place on the web back in 1994. I'm gonna miss my blink tags.
Thu Jul 09 10:03 PM
According to @klout, I'm influenced by these peeps: @demirkapi @ryanstewart @cfjedimaster @reboog711 @jeffcrossphoto.
Thu Jul 09 9:16 PM
If my brain were as big as @pfreitag's I would be serious danger of having my head explode into a million bits

Thu Jul 09 5:26 PM
@cmall Skepticism and peer review are hallmarks of the scientific method. Anyone is welcome to refute Evolution (or Gravity) with evidence
Thu Jul 09 4:46 PM
RT @kohlerm: New blog post "Eclipse Memory Analyzer, 10 useful tips/articles" :; @dzonejames here you go :)
Thu Jul 09 4:36 PM
@jnbeck Thank you!
Thu Jul 09 3:49 PM
@loulesko Thanks Lou!
Thu Jul 09 3:48 PM
@boyzoid Hey that comment really makes me angry!
Thu Jul 09 1:57 PM
@prebynski The context of the empty or lonely expansiveness is what makes that image work. Cropping would take that away.
Thu Jul 09 12:40 PM
I married Canon but lust for Nikon. This only makes matters worse... #photog (via @Syl_Arena)
Thu Jul 09 12:36 PM
RT @gregorywilson: "LiveCycle and the Adobe Flash Platform" webinar starts in less than an hour - Agenda
Thu Jul 09 12:32 PM
@marcesher @ntunney In my teens I was a pretty good bowhunter in MD, but am pretty happy just watching now. Loved Green Ridge St Forest
Thu Jul 09 12:28 PM
Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #photoshop #photographer #coldfusion
Thu Jul 09 12:22 PM
@shutupdanielle Since I moved from MD in the 90s, I dunno where to fish up here. Recommendations?
Thu Jul 09 12:07 PM
@webRat @marcesher @ntunney The view from the dining room table here:
Thu Jul 09 11:48 AM
@photonconcepts Thanks, and yes I completed my website (built with Flash/Flex), soon to publish, but my new son and bronchitis wore me down
Thu Jul 09 11:42 AM
@tangon Glad you like the image. You should have gotten an email with link to full size print quality file.
Thu Jul 09 10:30 AM
@DanaLanePhoto Yeah, you're everywhere! Thanks for the complement. A fun TFCD deal.
Thu Jul 09 10:20 AM
For those the #photog's that weren't up when I tweeted this last night. New portrait: Ben
Thu Jul 09 10:16 AM
RT @commadelimited: Recursive photography recurses photographs:
Thu Jul 09 12:10 AM
@notronwest That it is. I figured I'd let him announce it rather than broadcast his name/alias.
Wed Jul 08 11:58 PM
@awest Thanks! Much appreciated. To boot, that guy is a ColdFusion dev locally.
Wed Jul 08 11:52 PM
New portrait: Ben

Wed Jul 08 4:04 PM
Hrm... Could it be that ColdFusion option to spool mail to memory also puts file attachments in memory?
Wed Jul 08 3:54 PM
@shutupdanielle So far so good. Reminds me to fix my generator. Remember the Dec ice storm? Had no power/heat for 7 days. Hello hotel!
Wed Jul 08 3:33 PM
RT @esulliva: Hotfix now available for potential ColdFusion 8 input sanitization issue;
Wed Jul 08 3:27 PM
@jamie_krug Thanks that link. Looks very handy. Turns out it was an NFS option for nolock that helped
Wed Jul 08 3:22 PM
Actually iptables wasn't causing my mount.nfs Input/output error. Had to read an Italian blog post to solve it:
Wed Jul 08 3:14 PM
Set up NFS file sharing between two client Linux boxes, but iptables firewall is enabled. Have to lookup the ports and add new rules.
Wed Jul 08 2:04 PM
Loud ass thunder outside with glowing neon blue flashes. Should I step away from the electronics at this point?
Wed Jul 08 1:39 PM
Adobe Connect really needs a way to rewind during the live meeting, then advance to catch up. Just like Tivo.
Wed Jul 08 1:00 PM
Love all the repetitious "can you hear me now" by the Adobe people on Connect.
Wed Jul 08 12:33 PM
@awest Yay for today, otherwise *sigh*. If only I were an Adobe Community Expert.
Wed Jul 08 12:31 PM
@mobarger They are recorded. Can't remember where URLs are posted, but @jladams97 (Josh Adams) can direct you
Wed Jul 08 12:27 PM
Ultimate ColdFusion: High performance, scalability and features. Starts 2pm ET / 11a PT.
Wed Jul 08 11:59 AM
RT @shutupdanielle: Hey, at 34 minutes & 56 seconds after noon, it'll be 12:34:56 7/8/9. #imadork2
Wed Jul 08 11:58 AM
@spider4 Nice! I really really wish I had more time to get involved with CIPNE, but for now I look forward to the events.
Wed Jul 08 11:56 AM
Out of nowhere, on a Windows laptop I rarely log into, I hear "pop", and see the warning "You have unused desktop icons". Windows: Shutup!
Wed Jul 08 10:40 AM
Wow, I must be spoiled by Connect. Have to use WebEx now and it sucks a big one
Wed Jul 08 10:26 AM
Google to release a Linux based operating system? Yes! Time to freshen my Linux certification
Wed Jul 08 9:25 AM
@fuzzyorange What if you purposely introduce an error, attempt to compile, then remove that error and compile again?
Wed Jul 08 9:06 AM
@fuzzyorange Was it the ever so friendly "Internal Build Error" without a line number to reference?
Tue Jul 07 9:43 PM
@Pogue Re filedropper, thought I'd store video files here to be played in my Flash site, but a) requires captcha, b) no crossdomain.xml

Thu Jul 02 9:50 PM
Prepare for an avalanche! RT @ryanmaurodesign: Does anyone have an opinion on Adobe Coldfusion?
Thu Jul 02 9:13 PM
@marcesher Thanks, Its a bit like a blood trail. Once I get a whiff I just keep hunting down the source.
Thu Jul 02 8:49 PM
The slow #coldfusion startup confirmed as bad linux hostname. DNS resolved to a dummy ip. CF waited for tcp retransmission timeout.
Thu Jul 02 7:15 PM
@sans_isc ColdFusion web sites getting compromised (via @cfwhisperer)
Thu Jul 02 7:05 PM
Inside Edition interviews geneticist and asks him to review *photos* of MJ's children to determine paternity. What's wrong w/ this picture?
Thu Jul 02 4:19 PM
Is cfbloggers so stale because everyone's on twitter instead? Last update was 6 hours ago. #coldfusion
Thu Jul 02 1:08 PM
In Boston! Yay! RT @cfjedimaster: RT @jquery: jQuery Conference 2009 Date and Venue Announced:
Thu Jul 02 12:12 AM
When I sit back in the couch with the perfect laptop positioning, it interferes with the baby monitor. Not looking forward to hunching over
Wed Jul 01 10:42 PM
Finally figured out that an incorrect DNS server at the OS level can cause #ColdFusion to take many minutes to start while DNS conn fails
Wed Jul 01 7:57 PM
@rossching Do you have a donate page? I'd happily co-fund your timelapses!
Wed Jul 01 7:55 PM
Kudos to @EyeFiCard for following up directly on Twitter about the Eye-Fi wireless camera adapter issue I tweeted earlier.
Wed Jul 01 7:53 PM
@EyeFiCard Thank you for the attention. The incident is 090615-XXXXXXX.
Wed Jul 01 5:38 PM
@awest You can choose to have the OS open dialog or the Photoshop open dialog. There's a toggle somewhere.
Wed Jul 01 5:37 PM
@Palila You must be doing something wrong, re: #coldfusion forced restarts q5min
Wed Jul 01 5:36 PM
@NortonFinds_IT Send your post to the manager of the Boston CFUG. He'll broadcast it. By UI you mean Flex? CF isn't really for UI.
Wed Jul 01 5:21 PM
@willfull Calling your sales rep is first step. Hold their feet to the fire. Customer Service is effectively useless these days.
Wed Jul 01 5:18 PM
@doleary2112 Steam crabs in a big pot using 1/2 vinegar 1/2 water, layering, and covering with Old Bay. When they're red, they're done.
Wed Jul 01 4:53 PM
@willfull The CF Product Manager is responsible for setting licensing policy. Sales reps may exaggerate terms
Wed Jul 01 4:31 PM
@willfull What's (Where's!) the beef? I was at Adobe since Allaire, worked with CF for 9 years