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Fri Jul 17 1:15 AM
@scouten Fascinating! BTW, if u ever need LR3 beta testers, sign me up. (I won the Adobe contest for most bugs logged against PS Express)
Fri Jul 17 12:59 AM
@ashumittal Feeling a lot like Thursday night here! ;-)
Fri Jul 17 12:52 AM
@scouten Yikes! Didn't know that. A 4 year dev cycle must have been grueling (but finally rewarding)
Fri Jul 17 12:43 AM
@scouten Wasn't Lightroom 1 released Feb 2007? Macr/Adobe deal closed Dec 2005. Well, as Flex dev, my fingers are crossed for MXML in LR3
Fri Jul 17 12:37 AM
@scouten What got me thinking was PatchPanel which enables Flex developers to write plugins for CS4. WIshing could do that with Lightroom.
Fri Jul 17 12:33 AM
Passing the night by watching @benforta videos on ColdFusion 9 (again)

Fri Jul 17 12:12 AM
@styggiti Could be in the roadmap for Lightroom. PatchPanel for CS4 aids MXML plugin dev. Maybe 2b in LR3?
Fri Jul 17 12:03 AM
@styggiti Saw Configurator demoed at PSWorld. PSCS4 runs AS3/MXML plugins. Just thinking out loud about using Flex for Lightroom plugins
Thu Jul 16 11:51 PM
@iotashan No, I don't expect to write Lightroom plugins in CFML, or Java. Point is, why LUA? Just bc its an interpreted language?
Thu Jul 16 11:47 PM
So, should I learn LUA to write Lightroom plugins? And why LUA after all? ColdFusion Builder allows you to write CFML to extend it.
Thu Jul 16 11:10 PM
@bpanulla Thanks. Been a while since I learned DNS basics. This looks good too
Thu Jul 16 10:57 PM
@bpanulla yep, thx. Pondering the required use of "IN" as well as the meaning of lines staring with "@ "
Thu Jul 16 10:47 PM
A bat just smacked into the window I'm sitting next to.
Thu Jul 16 10:45 PM
RT @mikeschierberl: @ghidinelli just posted a 2009 version today. [ finding #coldfusion #memoryleak ]
Thu Jul 16 10:41 PM
@julieskarratt You should meet @styggiti who just whipped up a blueberry mojito
Thu Jul 16 10:40 PM
@mikeschierberl Hey, you're the memory leak blog guy. I often refer back to those ColdFusion mem leak blogs for JRockit Mission usage
Thu Jul 16 10:38 PM
@Critter This past winter I actually observed that while I was in a job interview that people from that domain were googling me
Thu Jul 16 10:35 PM
@Critter I have a filter set up in Application.cfm that checks if my first and last name are in a referer that came from a search engine
Thu Jul 16 10:34 PM
Ha! I knew it! @mikeschierberl #whosbeengooglingyou

Thu Jul 16 2:20 PM
@joeyldotcom Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere for video editing?
Thu Jul 16 2:17 PM
Have an immediate need for a crash course in a little CFEXCHANGE today...
Thu Jul 16 10:53 AM
@stevewithington re CF Evanglist 100 kits left, They've given out 749,900 already? Wow, that's effeciency.
Thu Jul 16 12:56 AM
@fuzzyorange zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.............
Thu Jul 16 12:44 AM
@sargeway beat you to what? Sorry, busy night getting the boy to sleep. Don't remember my tweets.
Wed Jul 15 1:02 PM
@TuttleTree Sad, true. But I still put out mousetraps in the pool shed.
Wed Jul 15 12:48 PM
@wbznewsradio Early? Its 1pm
Wed Jul 15 12:34 PM
I'm thinking to invent a critter escape platform and ramp in the pool to avoid this
Wed Jul 15 11:41 AM
@danzarrella Big Brown Eyes, Old 97s
Wed Jul 15 10:53 AM
@webRat nevertheless
Wed Jul 15 10:50 AM
I love that I can log a ColdFusion bug now and have it reviewed in 24 hours. Flex by contrast seems to take months.
Wed Jul 15 9:37 AM
RT @jforrest8: With all the CF 9 news I blogged about Java 6 JVM tuning:, hope it helps.
Tue Jul 14 8:56 PM
@gregorywilson At this moment I'm installing LCDS AIX build to Mac OSX on JRun to test my LCDS sample app with ColdFusion 9
Tue Jul 14 8:55 PM
Nova ScienceNow coming up in 5min. I <3 PBS
Tue Jul 14 7:37 PM
RT @loulesko: Young Photopreneur Radio: Episode 4 Founder of BlinkBid and Advertising Photography Lou Lesko
Tue Jul 14 5:29 PM
Have an expired Flash Builder 4? Enter your valid Flex Builder 3 Serial here for extension (via @esulliva )

Tue Jul 14 5:04 PM
@esulliva Hey Ed, are there similar temp serials for Flash Builder 4 online, or should I call Cust Support? Thanx!
Tue Jul 14 4:48 PM
@joaofernandes Voted, and added supporting comments. Would "fetch" be better named as "get" for better Assembler code resuse?
Tue Jul 14 4:32 PM
@joaofernandes They're currently in Beta 2 dev cycle, so still possible. RC is too late.
Tue Jul 14 4:27 PM
@joaofernandes AIR Sync implmentation harder to read than when abstracted the way LCDS example makes use of the DAO:
Tue Jul 14 4:20 PM
@joaofernandes Yes, I see that. Both LCDS and AIR receive the same data, but LCDS gets it all in one object, AIR does in 3 objects
Tue Jul 14 4:17 PM
@joaofernandes AIR sync requires operations, clientObjs, origObjs ; I see LCDS is more compact:
Tue Jul 14 4:00 PM
Working outside today. Noticing that the local small airport does pilot training. Small plane currently doing loops and twists over house
Tue Jul 14 3:30 PM
@cfwhisperer On that very topic, I was just reading the docs on Offline AIR Application Support for ColdFusion 9:
Tue Jul 14 3:16 PM
@scouten Been there. Installed/tested TurboLinux Japanese version once. Ordering the product was hard enough. Japanese coworker helped
Tue Jul 14 1:13 PM
RT @ryanstewart: Fantastic article on channels and endpoints for Flex and Data Services -
Tue Jul 14 12:39 PM
OMG. I just discovered that my Mac wireless connection still gets 4 bars all the out by the pool. #workingfromhome
Tue Jul 14 11:58 AM
@brandonpurcell Yeah, just noticed that cf tag hinting is working in cfc after closing /cffunction, but not inside the function.
Tue Jul 14 11:23 AM
Perfect now that ColdFusion 9 has it built-in! RT @kasthomas: Job ads that mention Lucene are on the rise -- sharply
Tue Jul 14 11:15 AM
@commadelimited @cfjedimaster Could that be HornyKItten4839 I keep blocking maybe?
Tue Jul 14 10:54 AM
@tpryan Thanks Terry.... @bigmadkev and @cfjedimaster helped me find that too #
Tue Jul 14 10:51 AM
Good comment/question on : How does ColdFusion ORM handle conflict resolution for concurrent read/write?
Tue Jul 14 10:33 AM
@marcesher Yikes! That's about as long a list as the Flex Namespace bug report 17854. #BeCarefulWhatYouWishForYouMightJustGetIt
Tue Jul 14 10:24 AM
@marcesher There shouldn't have to be a plug-in for word wrap, or any basic IDE behavior, IMO. It should just be there already.
Tue Jul 14 10:18 AM
My head is full of keyboard shortcuts for Lightroom and Photoshop. How long before I try using Shift Tab or CtrlShftAltE in CFBuilder?

Tue Jul 14 10:24 AM
@marcesher There shouldn't have to be a plug-in for word wrap, or any basic IDE behavior, IMO. It should just be there already.
Tue Jul 14 10:18 AM
My head is full of keyboard shortcuts for Lightroom and Photoshop. How long before I try using Shift Tab or CtrlShftAltE in CFBuilder?
Tue Jul 14 10:14 AM
@cfjedimaster Thanks for the URL! That's not intuitive at all. URL diff is bugreport vs cfbugreport
Tue Jul 14 10:10 AM
So how do I open a ColdFusion Builder bug? The only options in public bugbase are CF9, CF9J, CF801J
Tue Jul 14 9:38 AM
The tabbed browsing in ColdFusion Builder makes me feel all warm and fuzzy bc it reminds me of my security blanket Homesite.
Tue Jul 14 2:07 AM
@bigmadkev Just doing a bit of LCDS / ColdFusion 9 testing. Was shooting for manually integrated, which requires 2.6.1.
Tue Jul 14 1:53 AM
@bigmadkev Thanks for the tip. Will give it a go. Fall back is to install LCDS on Windows then connect via RMI from ColdFusion 9 on Mac
Tue Jul 14 1:48 AM
Well, LCDS 2.6.1 isn't available for Mac, so that's that for tonight.
Tue Jul 14 1:26 AM
@demirkapi Sheesh. I'm out of the loop.
Tue Jul 14 1:23 AM
@demirkapi I think you're mixing your acronyms, RTFM and RTMP ;-)
Tue Jul 14 1:20 AM
I'm considering whether I should start LCDS testing with CF9 tonight while keeping an eye on my semi-sleeping son, or wait till work t'mrrow
Tue Jul 14 1:18 AM
@demirkapi Just a thought, re: JBoss. So you have CF9 deployed on Tomcat on SnowLeopard, minus some advanced features like LCDS, Solr?
Tue Jul 14 1:15 AM
@seancorfield Oh. Now I get it. :-)
Tue Jul 14 1:14 AM
@demirkapi Instead of just Tomcat, how about full JBoss for full functionality (as defined by the docs)
Tue Jul 14 1:12 AM
@seancorfield ... in which case www/Application.cfc and www/foo/Application.cfc in the webroot, going up till the webroot
Tue Jul 14 1:11 AM
@seancorfield To me, "till the webroot" means up the tree till www/, which overlaps with "in the webroot".
Tue Jul 14 1:04 AM
@demirkapi Run VMWare or VirtualBox with Linux just for CF9 testing. Must be a lot of trouble to wipe Mac and reinstall apps
Tue Jul 14 1:00 AM
@demirkapi You must be kidding. Why can't you just wipe CF9 and try again?
Tue Jul 14 12:10 AM
ColdFusion Engineering in Bangalore just starting to roll in... Fresh CF Bugs just now by Hemant, Praveen
Tue Jul 14 12:08 AM
I still don't get Application.cfc/cfm lookup order "You can set ColdFusion 9 to search till the web root, in the web root"

Mon Jul 13 1:40 PM
I noticed that Mike Nimer's ColdFusion log viewer for Eclipse is no longer available.
Mon Jul 13 1:33 PM
RT @NASA: If you want to watch the shuttle launch from your iPhone or iPod touch, check out . #NASA
Mon Jul 13 1:11 PM
RT @styggiti: Heard about the new Virtual File System in #ColdFusion 9? Now you have:
Mon Jul 13 1:02 PM
@guyrish Beginner to Intermediate. I'm looking for an underexposed or misunderstood area. Not sure what might be useful to audience.
Mon Jul 13 12:51 PM
@tfitch After years of bliss using the perfectly functioning ColdFusion bugtracker (internal), I hated JIRA's overengineering /complexity
Mon Jul 13 12:15 PM
Brainstorming good topic to speak abt for RIA Unleashed (Boston, Nov 13, 2009). Ideas? Strengths are #coldfusion #linux #flex #lcds
Mon Jul 13 12:05 PM
RT @cfjedimaster: 200+ folks in the Online CF Meetup preso. awesome!
Mon Jul 13 11:49 AM
@JoshuaCurtiss right. Its Flash based
Mon Jul 13 11:16 AM
New in ColdFusion 9 Admin: "Disable retrieval of autogenerated keys "
Mon Jul 13 11:09 AM
@cfjedimaster I thought the protocol is to just tweet you :-)
Mon Jul 13 11:06 AM
@cfjedimaster cfbugs display order not exactly sorted on bug id. Ray's new bug 78709 shows up second, under 78705, above 78708 and 78706
Mon Jul 13 10:33 AM
@cfjedimaster Holy crap you got thin. Nuthin bug skin and bones (and glasses)
Mon Jul 13 10:25 AM
Beware of Search field in cfbugs. Does not trim criteria and is literal without boolean search operators. At least its case-insensitive
Mon Jul 13 10:20 AM
@sjespers Be warned, don't eat lunch in the Adobe Bangalore building's cafeteria. Head to the Forum Mall.
Mon Jul 13 10:11 AM is not a shortcut to actual cf bugtracker