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Fri Jul 24 9:13 PM
Thorough video tutorial for the special requirements of photographing actor headshots @LayersMagazine #photog
Fri Jul 24 8:49 PM
@jeffcrossphoto Yeah, @GuyWithCamera he kills me. Gonna tweet him for next week's #photog #FF
Fri Jul 24 8:39 PM
@jeffcrossphoto Yes, but how many #photogs are actually just #gwcam (guy with camera) (@GuyWithCamera)
Fri Jul 24 6:33 PM
@jshapiro1109 Thanks for the hint. I can't help myself from deconstructing things. :D #AdobeWave
Fri Jul 24 6:30 PM
The company that laidoff my wife in March just went bankrupt and laid the rest off, but severance checks are bouncing now. #whew #epix #pharmaceuticals

Fri Jul 24 5:14 PM
Watching Interview: John Shapiro @jshapiro1109 about Adobe Wave at Vodpod
Fri Jul 24 4:57 PM
@mindmillmedia Hrm. FCS doesn't make sense for me. It's for streaming audio/vid, but LCDS streams data. #AdobeWave is data, not media
Fri Jul 24 4:52 PM
Er, correction... based on the info detail of the trace, it looks like it might be Flash Communication Server FCS @mindmillmedia #AdobeWave
Fri Jul 24 4:46 PM
Just as I thought, #AdobeWave is using LCDS over RTMP for the realtime notifications
Fri Jul 24 3:57 PM
@boyzoid I suggested to @jshapiro1109 to create a unique code or identifier for publishers to embed on the domain's www as verification
Fri Jul 24 3:49 PM
@commadelimited Ping @jshapiro1109 about #AdobeWave
Fri Jul 24 3:44 PM
@thecrumb When Adobe OEM's a third party source, it becomes Adobe's problem, to be managed with the 3rd party
Fri Jul 24 3:06 PM
@marcos_placona Good question re -Xmx/s, but not related to Request Tuning setting. Recommded to set same value.
Fri Jul 24 2:59 PM
All the ColdFusion Tweeps must have been having a beer earlier: Got any Q's abt Request Tuning settings in CFAdmin? Seeking blog fodder
Fri Jul 24 1:40 PM
ColdFusion Tweeps: What questions do you have about the Request Tuning settings in CFAdmin? Seeking blog fodder. Thx!
Fri Jul 24 1:12 PM
@jshapiro1109 Great! Generate a UUID or hash of the domain name, then have user embed it, then Adobe grabs and parses to verify #AdobeWave
Fri Jul 24 12:47 PM
@jshapiro1109 And yes, re better idea: Like Google Analytics have user post Adobe code snippet or JS to domain for verification #AdobeWave
Fri Jul 24 12:45 PM
@jshapiro1109 I did not have an MX record associated with my business domain. Just setup Pro Gmail account hooked to domain. #AdobeWave
Fri Jul 24 12:42 PM
@cutterbl @webonix Thanks. Pro Gmail acct now setup for Appreciate the pointer

Fri Jul 24 11:56 AM
@TwitTogs @photocritic
Fri Jul 24 11:31 AM
@ashumittal Congratulations! You are the Bokeh Queen! #flickr #flickrexplore #frontpage
Fri Jul 24 11:26 AM
Using Google Lattitude on my iPhone now. Helps to coordinate with my wife between her commute and daycare
Fri Jul 24 11:03 AM
@cutterbl @awest Please let me know if you can direct me to a setup page for hooking gmail to a domain. Thx!
Fri Jul 24 11:02 AM
Thanks (again!) @photonconcepts for the #photog #FF
Fri Jul 24 10:59 AM
RT @awest: Really disappnted in Adobe's decision 2 only allow Wave accts if u have an email attached 2 ur site domain. Heard of Gmail Adbe?
Fri Jul 24 10:31 AM
@pedro_morin ColdFusion uses JavaMail under the hood, so Googling for JavaMail might help. See: for intersting forum
Fri Jul 24 10:28 AM
@pedro_morin That's a reply from the SMTP server. I think the error means what the error says. Message too big? Must be a SMTP setting
Fri Jul 24 10:21 AM
@iotashan I felt like that way back when @seancorfield linked to my blog (2003?). I got so excited I tripped over myself.
Fri Jul 24 10:14 AM
Thanks @mvanleest. Funny, I see prolific bloggers and devs like Ray, Ben,Rob or @remotesynth and I'm *amazed* at their dev and comm skills.
Fri Jul 24 10:11 AM
@cfjedimaster Thanks for the complement. (I wasn't fishing for that, honest!) @bennadel That's what I'm talking about.
Fri Jul 24 10:06 AM
I'm no @cfjedimaster or @bennadel but I have hundreds of techy ColdFusion blogs. Often I'm surprised to find I've already answered myself

Thu Jul 23 9:43 PM
@cfjedimaster W00t! Its happening, it happening! (I'm in desperate need of entertainment) #adobe #wave #babywatching #coldfusionbloggers
Thu Jul 23 9:37 PM
@cfjedimaster The anticipation is crushing
Thu Jul 23 9:26 PM
@commadelimited Um, I must have missed that. Virtual Classroom?
Thu Jul 23 9:25 PM
@cfjedimaster ColdFusion Bloggers Adobe Wave installed. (A watched wave never pings?)
Thu Jul 23 9:21 PM
When I read long articles I get impatient and start at the bottom and read up
Thu Jul 23 9:19 PM
@tpryan Hrm, were you in cahoots with Sam Farmer on the one liner deal? ;-) headshot2007.jpg? C'mon, show us the gray hairs you've earned
Thu Jul 23 8:17 PM
@styggiti I won't be at #cfunited, not sure about the rest of the crew. I think we're going to focus on the small, intense confs like CFObj
Thu Jul 23 8:10 PM
@styggiti I'll be in Denver next Wednesday with the Webapper team. Too bad we'll miss you there. #Denver #breckenridge #fb
Thu Jul 23 8:09 PM
Went for my first run today after being held back that whole poison ivy issue, and then there was 9 weeks of bronchitis. Feels good 2 b out
Thu Jul 23 5:54 PM
@paulkukiel Pretty sure I saw a demo or blog entry about it. Might have been a slide in the CF9 tour.
Thu Jul 23 5:51 PM
@reybango Luckily there are only 800,000 people in the world that currently get that pun.
Thu Jul 23 5:50 PM
@paulkukiel dbinfo() I think
Thu Jul 23 5:38 PM
@cfjedimaster I was on CORBA after Adobe, then that ran out and my wife got laid off, so we were on her CORBA. Luckily we have BCBS now.
Thu Jul 23 4:00 PM
@sjespers When MACR ColdFusion Eng team first recruited in Bangalore, they all stayed in 1 cramped, dingy apt w/o A/C. Leela == upgrade!
Thu Jul 23 3:54 PM
@joeyldotcom New DVD? Dang, now I'm break my budget.
Thu Jul 23 2:03 PM
@remotesynth I thought I saw a massive storm over PR on the news... The radar showed a big red thrashing area
Thu Jul 23 1:58 PM
@ashumittal Absolutely loved it. As you can see, I loved exploring Bangalore and learning first hand about the culture.

Wed Jul 22 11:13 PM
@Syl_Arena Syl, thanks for the cost cutting ideas, re Shurline/metalhead: Done! (RT @JoeMcNallyPhoto: @stevenerat --cool thank mr. arena)
Wed Jul 22 11:06 PM
@JoeMcNallyPhoto Just picked up my Shurline painters pole last Saturday. The metalhead arrived today. Now we're in (#photog) business!
Wed Jul 22 11:00 PM
Amazing retouching skills. And who knew a Canon G9 could sync at 1/2000? #photog
Wed Jul 22 9:07 PM
RT @carehart: Hey Steven, you could find Scope Enhancer and more in the ColdFusion Monitoring Tools category @ #cfmon" target="_blank">
Wed Jul 22 7:31 PM
@mobarger Mmmmmmmm ... Dessert at Mo's house! #
Wed Jul 22 7:30 PM
@fotofolio Please please share your secret with me! - Sleepless in Boston #littlefolio #luxury
Wed Jul 22 4:56 PM
@shutupdanielle I can. It was yesterday. #taxachusetts #corruption #lackofcontemporaryinfrastructure
Wed Jul 22 4:44 PM - 1 marriage, 1 child, 2 jobs, 9 years, and 50 lbs ago
Wed Jul 22 4:25 PM
@mindmillmedia If I were you, I'd be looking for a wireless connection on the docks in Annapolis :D... And crabbing in between tweets!
Wed Jul 22 3:59 PM
RT @emoltzen: 75% of enterprises either don't want Cloud Computing, don't know what it is, or have no money for it:
Wed Jul 22 3:50 PM
@MarcGrandmaison Yeah, I worked for Adobe for almost 9 years in software. My tweeps are either photogs or software developers.
Wed Jul 22 3:44 PM
Just discovered Scope Enhancer by FusionCube. Adds JVM and Heap data to your ColdFusion server scope
Wed Jul 22 12:50 PM
Sandeep Paliwal of the CF Engineering team shows how to set CFML comment background color in CFBuilder, & color intro
Wed Jul 22 12:34 PM
@lightroomblog phenomenal composition and exposure. The orange-blue contrast is very complementary #galwayartsfestival
Wed Jul 22 12:29 PM
@fuzzyorange fer crissakes yer a yunggin
Wed Jul 22 11:35 AM
@iotashan Have you tried Buzzword?
Wed Jul 22 11:33 AM
@joaofernandes If you run into Prayank, the Flex evangelist, you can bug him. Image manipulation was his feature.
Wed Jul 22 11:04 AM
ColdFusion peeps: Please vote for setting IPTC metadata Enhanc. Req. (see comments too) RT @joaofernandes: logged it.
Wed Jul 22 10:59 AM
@joaofernandes I disagree on setting EXIF metadata. I believe it shouldn't be tampered with. IPTC is intended to be modified.

Tue Jul 21 10:01 PM
@lextopia Ay Ay Ay Ay, canta no llores, porque cantando se allegran, cielito lindo, los corazones :-)
Tue Jul 21 9:52 PM
dishes done, clothes folded, baby's sleeping (knock on wood). Time to catch up on blog reading: @jamie_krug @styggiti , @cfjedimaster
Tue Jul 21 4:39 PM
@cfjedimaster Wow, Arclite is sweet. What color will you use? I want to use that color too! :-P
Tue Jul 21 3:14 PM
I like the CFBuilder Outline view for reading just the comments in a cfm, but even in widest size, outline view truncates comment text. Hrm
Tue Jul 21 12:48 PM
New #photo blog, Twilight Ferry Approach - (by @scouten, Adobe Lightroom Developer)
Tue Jul 21 12:41 PM
@paulkukiel Um, you're about 3 and a half months late me thinks #julyfools #cfunited
Tue Jul 21 12:35 PM
@garyrgilbert Your Flickr images are beautiful. Love the yellow fields so much (rappe?). Makes me want to return.
Tue Jul 21 12:32 PM
@garyrgilbert That's a sweet ride! I visited Bamberg & Rothenberg 10 years ago, and loved the rolling country side.
Tue Jul 21 12:31 PM
@styggiti I know the feeling exactly, re: blog design. Then again, I suppose I'd have to blog more to make it worth it. Loved Aura
Tue Jul 21 11:27 AM
@victoroliveira Thanks so much for your compliment! I saw your image on Explore and look forward to more. My pro photog website coming
Mon Jul 20 11:59 PM
@paulkukiel Remind me... Glassfish is the Sun J2EE server? Basically the new iPlanet App Server?
Mon Jul 20 9:14 PM
Using Spark and Halo togethr: we've decided that there r a number of .. things we can do to make experience ..better
Mon Jul 20 9:01 PM
About to watch "Moonshot" on the History Channel.