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Thu Aug 13 11:30 PM
"All Washed Up", new photo in the Trash The Dress series. #photog #photoshop
Thu Aug 13 2:48 PM
RT @iotashan: queries in cfscript is as bad as doing queries in any other lang. cfquery will always be superior to Query() in ease of use
Thu Aug 13 2:47 PM
@Photocritic In digital imaging half the data is in highlights & can be recovered PDFs:
Thu Aug 13 12:31 PM
@stevei Great posing on Paige for the lying down, forward shot. Would have been nice to have some more crash to the waves. #TTD #Photog

Thu Aug 13 12:22 PM
@douglasknudsen Looks more interesting and relaxing then the Bethesda Marriott #cfunited
Thu Aug 13 11:59 AM
@scouten I haven't seen camera breakdown in articles I've read, but good rule of thumb PDF PDF
Thu Aug 13 11:47 AM
Better to overexpose than underexpose since 1/2 image info is in the highlights. #ACR #photog
Thu Aug 13 11:44 AM
Beware ColdFusion on Mac is the only CF/*nix combo where not required to start as root. Can create log permissions issue if not using sudo
Thu Aug 13 11:18 AM
@paulkukiel Osmosis should kick in pretty soon! #cfunited
Thu Aug 13 11:13 AM
@iotashan Beware ColdFusion Multi install/uninstall start scripts
Thu Aug 13 11:11 AM
@iotashan Otherwise, here's a manual way for Linux #coldfusion #jrun
Thu Aug 13 11:09 AM
@iotashan I remember seeing a coldfusion8multi script in /etc/init.d. It might just start the cfusion, but I thought it could 4 other jrun
Thu Aug 13 11:07 AM
@iotashan Good Q. Before 801 there was no feature for this on *nix at all. Now possible on Linux/Unix. Mac not sure yet #coldfusion #jrun

Thu Aug 13 10:12 AM
@lightroomblog Your live music photography absolutely blows me away.
Thu Aug 13 9:37 AM
@DanaLanePhoto Thanks again. As long as my little guy sleeps better, I get more editing done :D #photog
Thu Aug 13 9:28 AM
The Party's Over. First image from the Trash The Dress shoot in Rhode Island this weekend. #photog
Wed Aug 12 7:33 PM
@scouten Thanks 4 the LR3 Intel tip. To maximize use of 30" Cinema display on a G5/PPC, I may need to dock my MBP to it. #Lightroom #Mac
Wed Aug 12 7:30 PM
Thanks @scouten ! I'd forgotten about optimization. Now my massive Lightroom catalog runs lickety split.
Wed Aug 12 7:22 PM
@iotashan wiseguy!
Wed Aug 12 5:24 PM
@mpwoodward I have MBP Intel and G5 PPC, both with CS4 Master Coll. But PPC has the 30" Cinema Display attached. #photog #adobe
Wed Aug 12 4:59 PM
But will Lightroom 3 run on Mac PPC.? Adobe announced that future Creative Suite will not run on PPC Macs, just Intel.
Wed Aug 12 4:48 PM
Screaming at Lightroom right now bc at 18,000 images everytime I open catalog I get the beachball of death for several minutes. Aaaarrggh!
Wed Aug 12 4:45 PM
@javierjulio Thx! My 6mo son Antonio will be learning Catalan, English, and Castellano in that order! Maybe JQuery Bootcamp will happen
Wed Aug 12 4:40 PM
@javierjulio Wish I could catch up with you Javier, but I'm watching from the spectator seats at home. (My castellano requires a "warm up")
Wed Aug 12 3:32 PM
@demirkapi Oguz, here's a tip: Turn the camera around 180 degrees! ;-) @webRat #CFUnited
Wed Aug 12 3:28 PM
What ever happened to @bennadel 's JQuery Bootcamp? #coldfusion
Wed Aug 12 3:15 PM
@douglasknudsen Funny, I just discovered I blogged about the error in 2005, and it's the top hit for "No more data available to read"
Wed Aug 12 3:12 PM
@styggiti Really? you shot it at CFUNITED? Any beds or food involved?
Wed Aug 12 2:21 PM
@doleary2112 CF8 has JDBC Spy built into it as a check box in the dsn. I blogged it in 2005
Wed Aug 12 2:08 PM
"No more data available to read" I thought ColdFusion was all done with that... #Oracle
Wed Aug 12 12:29 PM
Wed Aug 12 12:25 PM
@webRat I spy @cameronc , @commadelimited, and @kwiersma in your lunch twitpic #cfunited

Wed Aug 12 10:32 AM
Check out Stax for a cloud based platform adapted for J2EE environments. It provides a base ColdFusion image to build out.
Wed Aug 12 10:25 AM
@webRat Then some lucky folks had a round of cognac
Wed Aug 12 10:21 AM
@webRat @styggiti I sent some drinks to at table clubhouse bar that was supposed to be for you guys. Did they make it? #cfunited
Wed Aug 12 10:17 AM
@pbausch Fussy DBAs aren't going to let ORM fly very far without a great deal of hand holding and oversight #cfunited
Wed Aug 12 10:14 AM
RT @joaofernandes: too many different implementations for #ColdFusion /AIR integration! CF9 AIR persistent library / FB4 Data Mgmt / LCDS
Wed Aug 12 10:12 AM
@webRat I'm pretty sure that's an 8 year old in the first row, just in front of the podium. Youngest attendee? #cfunited
Wed Aug 12 10:10 AM
@commadelimited Awesome, thanks! I'm geographically challenged :D
Wed Aug 12 10:06 AM
Hey #CFUNITED folk, how bout some twitpics please? #coldfusion
Wed Aug 12 10:02 AM
RT @RedHatNews: RT @LauraCunningham: Happy 10 years since IPO to Red Hat:

Wed Aug 12 9:53 AM
@DanaLanePhoto Sorry to hear that. I spent 10 weeks with bronchitis. Two rounds of antibiotics were required to clear it.
Wed Aug 12 9:44 AM
I think TweetDeck is red lining and overheating today with all the #cfunited chatter
Wed Aug 12 9:40 AM
*chuckles* RT @reflynn: RT @cfjedimaster: from Forta - biggest prob seems to be finding cf devs. Out of a job? Why not learn #coldfusion?
Wed Aug 12 8:51 AM
@webRat @lolajl @cfwhisperer that will require much libation, for me and the audience
Wed Aug 12 8:34 AM
@cfwhisperer Thanks. I hope to develop a talk for RIA Unleashed, perhaps LCDS+ColdFusion. You bring the whiskey, I'll bring the talk ;-)
Wed Aug 12 8:21 AM
+1 on both. RT @notronwest: Just added my #cfunited column in tweetdeck. Really wish I was there.
Tue Aug 11 10:30 PM
A lukcy table of 10 at #cfunited clubhouse bar received a round of cognac. Don't know who it was, but hope they enjoyed. Viva ColdFusion!
Tue Aug 11 9:56 PM
@rukumar Right, that's what I was thinking, but it didn't come out right.
Tue Aug 11 9:31 PM
@Neurotic I QA'd the feature when Tx rollbacks were introduced in #coldfusion 8.0. Svetlin K developed the feature.
Tue Aug 11 9:07 PM
Cheers to the ColdFusion Community. Here's to collaboration, sharing, leadership, and friendship! #CFUNITED
Tue Aug 11 8:56 PM
@commadelimited In spirit only! :-) #cfunited
Tue Aug 11 8:33 PM
It was the kiss of death that I joined the LinkedIn group for Adobe Alumni last year, before I was one. (not really: Webapper ftw!)
Tue Aug 11 8:07 PM
@webRat You can find Rob BB, Terry, Adam, and Ryan at the clubhouse bar #CFUnited
Tue Aug 11 5:04 PM
@iotashan looks like you've got a blog entry there on autogenerated keys w/ ORM
Tue Aug 11 4:54 PM
@styggiti They recognize you and all wondering why you're not talking to them :D
Tue Aug 11 4:01 PM
@iotashan You mean the autogenerated key that you get on an insert? #coldfusion
Tue Aug 11 3:54 PM
@cfjedimaster There's coffee downstairs in my kitchen. If you're desperate, c'mon over. #cfunited
Tue Aug 11 2:21 PM
Recovered from months of bronchitis, I pulled myself back onto the bike to do a 7 mile, hilly ride. Feels good as new (albeit slower)
Tue Aug 11 10:46 AM
@iotashan Ha! Was that to meet government regulations on shipping standards?
Tue Aug 11 10:33 AM
Dear @calumetphoto, tdo much packaging! Srsly! 3 empty, flat sandbags shipped in 2 crdbrd boxes filled with peanuts. Use an envelope.

Fri Aug 07 11:20 PM
@commadelimited jk! jk! jk! Don't wake up @lizign or she'll kill me
Fri Aug 07 11:16 PM
@commadelimited Oh, they didn't tell you .... #cfunited
Fri Aug 07 11:11 PM
Holy shit @wbznewsradio, I think 11 consecutive tweets is a misinterpretation of how Twitter is used as a social medium. #spam #clogged
Fri Aug 07 11:00 PM
@jonahb Thanks for the travel advice for SFO. Amtrak and Greyhound sound good. I'll try to avoid the axe murders off Craigs List. Thx!
Fri Aug 07 10:55 PM
@mobarger For apples to apples comparison, I tail -f the gc log and eyeball comparisons elsewhere.
Fri Aug 07 10:54 PM
I cahnnot speek the english langwege
Fri Aug 07 10:53 PM
@mobarger true true, if analyzing performance. But total allocatd is still total allocated and relevant to overally system resourcs
Fri Aug 07 10:52 PM
@lightroomblog Don't forget @GuyWithCamera !! #ff #photog
Fri Aug 07 10:40 PM
@mobarger yeah, I could do that, but I just had a Mike's hard lemonade and GC/SF is as good as it gets right now :D
Fri Aug 07 10:38 PM
@mobarger So I set CF to use -Xms512m -Xmx512m to force a constant mem usage. GC log shows 510m allocated SeeFusion shows 498 allocated
Fri Aug 07 10:29 PM
@mobarger I think the SF numbers are good, but need to compare to GC logging for accuracy. I often forget top is heap + permgen
Fri Aug 07 10:15 PM
@coofuushun ah... just realized that top also includes memory used in PermGen, where as SeeFusion is showing just the regular Heap size
Fri Aug 07 10:14 PM
@coofuushun My default installation of CF9 on Mac is using 400MB RES according to top, but SeeFusion shows it as 184M allocated and 44M used
Fri Aug 07 9:39 PM
Great vid! RT @fotozine: New video that explains hi speed sync and shows benefits of PocketWizard Mini/flex:
Fri Aug 07 9:30 PM
@awest btw, owner is a racing fanatic. On I-70 we did 90-120 the whole time, even did some drag racing in Denver up to 120. 150+ in mtns
Fri Aug 07 9:27 PM
@ibjhb Merge Module is part of the Install Anywhere install application for #coldfusion
Fri Aug 07 9:25 PM
@awest Ford GT racing
Fri Aug 07 9:23 PM
@awest Definitely recommend American Dreams! Owner works hard to satisfy. We did 2 days. Don't know the cost. Did you see the GT video?
Fri Aug 07 8:42 PM
@ryanbrenizer Dude, you're in Boston and didn't tell me? :-) Tomorrow, big Trash The Dress event nearby on the beach: