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Fri Aug 28 8:52 PM
Why is it that ColdFusion must be started by a privileged user on every operating system but Mac? Hmph!
Fri Aug 28 8:43 PM
@shutupdanielle Could be worse, you could be in Bolton. 2 pizza shops, that's it. Nary a chicken wing in sight (really).
Fri Aug 28 8:36 PM
@mobarger Big city turn me loose, set me free, somewhere in the middle of Montana
Fri Aug 28 8:08 PM
@styggiti Outside temp last night was 52F here, but not sure which is better lower temps or lower humidity.
Fri Aug 28 5:43 PM
ColdFusion 9 (& ColdFusion 8.01) bug for CF Multiserver's bin/ file. Please vote:
Fri Aug 28 4:56 PM
Yep, verified the 3 issues with the Solaris part of the boot script installer for ColdFusion 9. Oh, bugtracker.....

Fri Aug 28 4:52 PM
RT @jimcollins: The wingnuts forget Reagan signed a $750 billion stimulus plan into law in 1981. #teaparty #gop #tcot #rnc
Fri Aug 28 4:47 PM
Found 3 bugs this morning in ColdFusion801 Multiserver's bin/ on Solaris. Installing CF9 as MS to crosscheck, then to log bugs
Fri Aug 28 4:43 PM
Wow, Ted Kennedy's grandson interview He must have received an *incredible* amount of coaching for the reporters. Hollywood or bust!
Fri Aug 28 2:46 PM
@boyzoid Gah! I symlinked 1.5* to 1.6.0, but it seems to have fell back to 1.4.2 when 32bit cf starts. Need to install 64bit CF to use 1.6
Fri Aug 28 2:39 PM
@boyzoid Ok, got CF801 running on Java 1.6 64bit on Mac Loepard #coldfusion
Fri Aug 28 2:22 PM
@cnn KCRA reporter Walt Gray should be fired for the comment "that's the story, the extra bonus here", wrt 11yr abductee birth in backyard
Fri Aug 28 2:06 PM
CNN reporter said WRT the abducted 11yr girl, now 29, that gave birth in backyard, "that's the extra bonus [to the news]" Unbelievable
Fri Aug 28 10:50 AM
@orbisflash When's that arm coming out? tap, tap, tap. Need both hands. Thank you!
Fri Aug 28 10:20 AM
@reboog711 Yup, all my contacts from CF Eng at Adobe are on YIM
Fri Aug 28 10:13 AM
@reboog711 I use Adium to bridge GTalk/AIM/YIM, but still Yahoo spews robot spam when starting Adium
Fri Aug 28 10:11 AM
@DanaLanePhoto I'm a 2nd shooter, so we'll have to brainstorm (no pun intended) bc the mansion won't let us inside until 5pm.
Fri Aug 28 10:05 AM
I wish Yahoo Messenger would prevent spam IMs. When I log on I usally get a couple robot IMs
Fri Aug 28 10:02 AM
The outdoor wedding at the Astors mansion in Newport looks like will be nailed by the hurricane pretty hard. As photographer, need Plan B
Fri Aug 28 9:58 AM
@commadelimited RemoteObject the AC to CFC > convert to csv w/ xls extnsion as temp flat file > NavigateToURL(URLRequest) to csv fr/ Flex

Wed Aug 26 5:12 PM
Flex: Making Easy Things Hard. Sigh. RT @stevenerat: @commadelimited comp.setStyle("backgroundColor","#FFFFFF");
Wed Aug 26 5:09 PM
@commadelimited comp.setStyle("backgroundColor","#FFFFFF");
Wed Aug 26 4:35 PM
Dear Tivo: Kudos on builtin help w/Comcast DTA. Dear Comcast: You suck. You couldn't have made it harder if you tried. Tivo exists yanno.
Wed Aug 26 2:58 PM
@cfjedimaster You could also try setting it on fire and using a Mac
Wed Aug 26 2:30 PM
@pcsilva I was just funnin'
Wed Aug 26 2:29 PM
Once again, I forgot the whole ColdFusion community on twitter heads out for a brewski from noon till 3. Try back later.
Wed Aug 26 2:06 PM
Macromedia used to use FuseTalk forums. Loved it. Then Adobe screwed the pooch with format change. How's the forums usability these days?
Wed Aug 26 2:04 PM
@mr_nil Lots of questions about CF9 syntax and features, but looks like @tpryan is all over them before the author finishes typing.
Wed Aug 26 1:59 PM
Scouting for unanswered ColdFusion questions on Not many. Maybe I'll try the Photoshop / Lightroom categories...
Wed Aug 26 1:39 PM
@commadelimited The k is for kool. #koldfusion
Wed Aug 26 1:37 PM
@benforta er, not my photo, but a direct link to Bhakti's Facebook photo. The Charlie's Angels of Web Applications.
Wed Aug 26 1:36 PM
@commadelimited Yup, that's her. In the middle is @hareni and on the right is @ashaks.
Wed Aug 26 1:26 PM
The ColdFusion Engineering Team hard at work (and play!) :-)
Wed Aug 26 12:03 PM
@zstepek because I suck at Flash (Authoring) #iamnotadesigner #bewarethetimeline
Wed Aug 26 11:47 AM
@commadelimited Come to think of it, I used to use CoffeeCup Firestarter for simple Flash animations... maybe that'll do the trick.
Wed Aug 26 11:46 AM
@commadelimited Flash Authoring. Ugh.
Wed Aug 26 11:44 AM
Hrm... I wonder if I can use an animated gif in a Flex preloader, to be more interactive during startup. Thoughts from
Wed Aug 26 11:33 AM
RT @kathyoreilly: Website design faux pas and how to avoid them -
Wed Aug 26 11:02 AM
I'm amused at blog comment spammers that actually research the topic to provide relevant content in which to disguise their spam links
Wed Aug 26 2:42 AM
R.I.P. Senator Ted Kennedy 1932-2009. A people's champion

Sun Aug 23 2:25 PM
@webRat ... and in commercial #photog often there are Art Directors and others hanging around that want immediate confirmation of quality
Sun Aug 23 2:25 PM
@webRat ... and large viewing live on laptop provides real time feedback to make adjustments while you're still shooting.
Sun Aug 23 2:23 PM
@webRat The laptop platform for the tripod allow you to take it with you on a sturdy base while shooting live from camera to computer
Sun Aug 23 2:02 PM
Now that I've got WiFi networking between camera and macbook, and autoimport into lightroom, time this setup: #photog
Sun Aug 23 1:43 PM
@smanere Yes, but the green light is only at level 1, so I'm safe to keep playing the midnight photographer
Sun Aug 23 2:22 AM - Quick snap in the kitchen w/85mm F1.2, using WFT-E1a wireless from DSLR & AutoImport in Lightroom (@styggiti )
Sun Aug 23 2:09 AM
W00t! Got Ad Hoc WiFi network w/FTP working between Mac and Canon dSLR. Now able to AutoImport directly from Camera to Lightroom #photog
Sun Aug 23 12:12 AM
@ryanbrenizer Fix it by changing custom function 5 to value 0 to reset ETTL.
Sun Aug 23 12:12 AM
@ryanbrenizer When the bottom pins on 580 EX scrape metal on an umbrella adapter that can happen. Use tape over adapter. cont...
Sun Aug 23 12:05 AM
@lightroomblog If you've seen Joe McNally's Small Flash Part 1&2 vids on KelbyTraining, then there's not much new in the One Light vid

Sat Aug 22 11:58 PM
Trying to figure out final steps to config an Ad Hoc WiFi network between my Mac and my Canon's WFT-E1a wireless trans. Static IP only.
Sat Aug 22 11:56 PM
Tested out my new Canon 85mm IS F1.2 lens today. Bokeh is smooth as butter. #photog
Sat Aug 22 11:53 PM
@lightroomblog at least she told me she's cancelling, rather than just not showing up... that helps.
Sat Aug 22 11:50 PM
@lightroomblog Pretty short notice, prob just cancel completely since there's a photo assistant and MUA involved...
Sat Aug 22 11:47 PM
Mastered shooting TTL and HighSpeed Sync with the new PocketWizard FlexTT5. +2stops Flash Exp Comp, and -2 stops Exp Comp rocks! #photog
Sat Aug 22 11:44 PM
Gah! The beach bunny model canceled for the planned shoot. Anyone look good in a bikini and free to travel to Gloucester tomorrow? #photog
Sat Aug 22 7:54 PM
Studying Sports Illustrated swimsuit poses for tomorrow afternoons shoot in Gloucester. Tough work!
Fri Aug 21 10:07 PM
@lightroomblog Agreed on commerical/agency vs portfolio/tfcd. No doubt. TFP will bring the crazies out of the woodwork
Fri Aug 21 10:05 PM
@cfwhisperer Maybe find an artist meetup in your area and hold a group workshop on the topic.
Fri Aug 21 10:02 PM
@lightroomblog If I could smack you.....
Fri Aug 21 9:58 PM
@cfwhisperer If you're thinking of doing fine art nude, first make sure you always have a chaperon to avoid false accusations of impropriety
Fri Aug 21 9:54 PM
@lightroomblog @webRat @demirkapi Case in point:
Fri Aug 21 9:36 PM
... is amazing. Pretty much a lot of guys with camera calling themselves a studio just to get chicks to strip down.
Fri Aug 21 9:35 PM
Searching 4 models in my area now that I'm on ; The level of crap photographers out there is amazing.
Fri Aug 21 8:10 PM
Sittin in the dark. Big Tstorm took our town out. Cranking up the generator. No cable but at least we have Tivo
Fri Aug 21 6:31 PM
@commadelimited JQuery Jackpot. Thanks.
Fri Aug 21 5:52 PM
@commadelimited BTW, I still don't know JQuery. Was hoping to attend @bennadel 's bootcamp. Prefer live/video training over books.
Fri Aug 21 5:14 PM
@commadelimited Right click Project > Properties > compiler to see SDK options. Same panel has "Add" feature to add downloaded SDKs
Fri Aug 21 4:36 PM
Testing the rebuilt server B doesn't mean flipping the switch and routing all traffic from server A over to it.
Fri Aug 21 11:32 AM
@DanaLanePhoto Thanks for the mention! #followfriday
Fri Aug 21 11:31 AM
@styggiti I get 0 spam in my Gmail inbox, but my Yahoo inbox sees 10 or 20 a day.
Fri Aug 21 8:20 AM
I'm pretty sure @cfjedimaster could tweet "Stop World Hunger", and a legion of developers around the globe would rise up and actually do it
Fri Aug 21 1:31 AM
RT @stshank: just got Group Albums (smart idea, Adobe) and video sharing up to 200MB (but still 2GB limit for free accounts)
Fri Aug 21 1:28 AM
You know I can hear you, right? @charliegriefer @tpryan
Thu Aug 20 11:41 PM
I see Becky Sowada in there a bit too. RT @LR_Tom: Meet Craig Marble, Lightroom Sr Quality Engineer:
Thu Aug 20 11:15 PM
la la la I hear nothing la la RT @paulkukiel All my servers are linux but there are times where you need Windows.
Thu Aug 20 10:27 PM
My @JoeMcNallyPhoto video just got interrupted by @Pogue
Thu Aug 20 10:10 PM
Watching @JoeMcNallyPhoto's new video lesson, "What can you do with one light" on #photog
Thu Aug 20 7:43 PM
@marcesher I've seen people try to calculate num queries * avg num rows * bytes/row to estimate cache size
Thu Aug 20 7:19 PM
@demirkapi @styggiti I would always use the highest quality because you never know when u're going to shoot that unbelievable moment #G10
Thu Aug 20 7:14 PM
Oguz, we need to work on your soft skills :-) RT @demirkapi: @benforta the only problem is your photos mostly indoor are not the best.
Thu Aug 20 7:12 PM
RT @fotofolio: Too bad Canon users haven't a decent IR TTL System built in the