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Tue Aug 04 9:57 PM
Dream Collaboration: @wiseacre + @merkley + Sean Ellis (Cashback) + Audrey Tautou
Tue Aug 04 9:01 PM
Web form pet peeve: I enter info and tab to next field, except when next field is a State combobox then it skips to zipcode. Aarrrrgh
Tue Aug 04 4:46 PM
Can Hardware Load Balancers manage session affinity based on J2EE session ids? Wondering abt HWLB over 2 webservers each with JRun cluster
Tue Aug 04 3:32 PM
My Webapper colleague, Tyson Vanek, blogged a case study of how he improved ColdFusion performance 1000x:
Tue Aug 04 12:14 PM
Phenomenal portraiture: Check out Bill Simone #photog (via @ScottKelby )

Tue Aug 04 10:00 AM
@mpix At Photoshop World I saw Mpix rep with biz cards w/ pearl finish, but the only paper choice is Stock/Linen. How can I get pearl?
Mon Aug 03 9:20 PM
@styggiti Had your vacation only been a few days later I would have chipped in to have you along. For next time
Mon Aug 03 9:00 PM
@charliegriefer I'm laughing so hard it hurts. No, really. it hurts.
Mon Aug 03 8:05 PM
@pbrosnanphoto Assuming no one recognizes her, then I'm set. If anyone does know of her, then does it matter anyway?
Mon Aug 03 7:39 PM
After I printed 500 business cards for Steven Erat Photography, I learned that the model I shot for the card is also a porn star. #photog
Mon Aug 03 5:16 PM
@bigmadkev A man's best work is done with hops on the breath!
Mon Aug 03 5:00 PM
@fuzzyorange Thanks Andy. Gave you a technical review credit at the bottom.
Mon Aug 03 4:49 PM
My first blog post as part of the Webapper team: ColdFusion Request Tuning Settings in Depth:
Mon Aug 03 1:09 PM
@russ_johnson That's the man. The only one on the trip with more crazy in his eyes than me.
Mon Aug 03 12:21 PM
@iotashan Its just a matter of being able to completely concentrate on driving, and letting the other hand shoot pics on autopilot
Mon Aug 03 12:15 PM
Driver's view of an amazing sports car adventure - American Dreams: (Commence drool! @awest @scouten @styggiti )
Sun Aug 02 11:02 PM
@garyrgilbert Some of us hit 155mph, on desolate mountain roads. Even on the twisty, narrow roads we did 2-3x speed limit

Fri Jul 31 8:21 PM
Been using Boston Logan Airport for 15 years, and I still play "Where The F Am I?" when I land here
Fri Jul 31 7:56 PM
Mrs. Au is secretary for Flex/CF Execs in San Fran: "Ashton Kutcher visits Adobe SF. Secret project going well"
Fri Jul 31 5:37 PM
Captain says we're still waiting for fuel, but skies look better in Philly and rain in Boston has let up a bit
Fri Jul 31 4:52 PM
@styggiti you prob know late afternoon Tstorms are the norm here in summer. Hopefully u won't arrive late. Can't see the plane outside now
Fri Jul 31 4:45 PM
Waiting on connecting flight in Philly. Severe thunderstorms here and all up Eastern seaboard. Looks nasty. Maybe I'll walk instead
Fri Jul 31 11:42 AM
Boarding in Denver. Was a fantastic couple days team building and having fun.
Thu Jul 30 8:19 PM
Reached 140 mph in the Ford GT. It's got a rocket strapped on it
Thu Jul 30 6:05 PM
@brandonpurcell Punsky is with us too, driving the Ferrari
Thu Jul 30 6:03 PM
@brandonpurcell American Dreams Inc, Denver CO. Nice guy, having lunch with us and guiding the tour
Thu Jul 30 5:48 PM
Rocky Road
Thu Jul 30 5:44 PM
Lunch with @cfwhisperer, @iotashan et al at Little Annies in Aspen
Thu Jul 30 5:01 PM
In Aspen now. The Lamborghini was a heart pounding drive on the curvy roads atup to 120mph
Thu Jul 30 2:03 PM
Today ill be driving the Lamborghini
Thu Jul 30 12:08 PM
Breakfast with @iotashan and @cfwhisperer and gang. Salmon Eggs Benedict
Thu Jul 30 11:34 AM
In Glenwood Springs heading to Aspen
Wed Jul 29 11:26 PM
Wild salmon (for @styggiti)
Wed Jul 29 5:33 PM
Yes, Im driving these this week
Wed Jul 29 2:15 PM
And the work-cation begins
Wed Jul 29 1:59 PM
The Ride, part 1
Wed Jul 29 10:32 AM
My cough is weirding out the woman next to me on the flight. She's looking at me askance and leaning far away. I think she's trying 2 move.