While helping out with this issue on the Adobe Forums, I learned that the ColdFusion 9 Multiserver Monitor now requires /crossdomain.xml on target servers rather than /CFIDE/multiservermonitor-access-policy.xml. I was not aware of this change, so hopefully this post will ensure that others who administer ColdFusion will be.


Since I was actually on the ColdFusion 8.0 engineering team at Adobe and personally tested the multiservermonitor back in 2006/7, I find it very surprising to learn that /crossdomain.xml is now required in the webroot INSTEAD of /CFIDE/multiservermonitor-access-policy.xml.

I did some testing on a couple local ColdFusion 9.01 servers, and to force the requirement of the access file, I loaded the CF Admin Multiserver Monitor over localhost ( and then tried to add a different CF instance to the monitor using the other interface for the same machine As expected, I got Permission Denied. I then went to the target server that I was trying to add, and I enabled the multiservermonitor-access-policy.xml by uncommenting the appropriate line. I was really stunned to find that the target server still showed a Permission Denied status (Figure 1).

Upon examining the console (Figure 2) where I started the target server, I found a series of error messages for

"error Requested resource '/crossdomain.xml' (%2fcrossdomain.xml) not found",

logged every time the Server Monitor attempted to refresh the view (every 20 seconds).

I went back to the Server Monitor console and switched to the Errors tab (Figure 3) where I found a very helpful message:

"Ensure that you have allowed access to this server by changing the crossdomain.xml file."

With that information in hand, I Googled "multiservermonitor-access-policy.xml" + "crossdomain.xml" and came across the following references:

  1. A blog comment by Adobe QA Engineer Jayesh Viradiya. "simply Ignore the multiserver-access-policy file and put the following crossdomain.xml file, with appropriate client machine permissions where you are running multiserver Monitor, and put this crossdomain under the CF Server wwwroot, which you are trying to connect to"
  2. The ColdFusion 9 Documentation on Multiserver Monitor. "Note: The cross domain details need to be mentioned in the crossdomain.xml file and this file must be placed directly under webroot. Previously, this file was placed under /CFIDE/multiservermonitor-access-policy.xml. For more information, see www.adobe.com/devnet/flashplayer/articles/fplayer9_security.html "
  3. ColdFusion bug 79603. "The workaround is: If multiservermonitor-access-policy.xml is renamed as crossdomain.xml and it is placed directly under webroot rather than CFIDE,then it works."

This one went completely under my radar as this is the first time that I found out about this change. When I made the change to my server test, I found it then worked with /crossdomain.xml on the target server.

Figure 1


Figure 2


Figure 3