Podcast of ColdFusion 10th Birthday Event

Here's the audio track from yesterday's panel discussion from the ColdFusion founders at Allaire Corporation.

ColdFusion_10th_Birthday_Panel_Discussion.mp3 [39 MB]

The chronological annotation for the podcast and the full video can be found here.

Bob Cringely to begin Podcasting and Videocasting NerdTV

Starting this September, technology pundit Bob Cringely will launch NerdTV, a program that will be available only on the internet with a companion podcast for audio only. Ever since I saw Bob's chronicle of computer history in the PBS program Triumph of the Nerds back in the mid 90's I've craved his insightful yet quirky views into the Internet, the Web, and computer technology. Oh yeah, and Bob's weekly column, I Cringely, will start masquerading as a blog, too, but don't tell anyone.

Read about Bob's plans for NerdTV.

CFUNITED ColdFusion Bloggers BOF Session

The idea first proposed by Joe Rinehart as a bloggers get-together for CFUNITED is officially penciled in for Thursday June 30th at 7:20 to 8:00 pm on the schedule.

For whatever reason, the ColdFusion Bloggers BOF (Birds of a Feather) session is curiously listed as "blog readers/writes", don't ask me why, but that's it :)

The previous session that evening is the CFDJ Panel discussion which runs 6:00 to 6:40. The Blogger BOF is set to begin 7:20, but given the 40 minute limitation I plan to show up ASAP to try to extend it earlier should the room be free. I believe there is to be a very interesting networking event starting at 8:00 PM, so we'll have to be sure to wrap on time so we don't miss out.

Given the communal nature of blogging in general and the altruistic openness of ColdFusion bloggers in particular, I suggest that this BOF not be an event led by any specific individual, but rather a campy, group introduction and discussion. Bring your own marshmallows!

Perhaps there should be a few key questions to catalyze discussion, so please post a comment suggesting a topic or two to get things started.

I'll throw out a few basic topics:

  • Why do you blog? Do you blog for Google? Do you blog for notoriety? Do you blog to relieve stress?
  • Are blogs an effective educational resource, or better suited for spreading news and/or industry gossip?
  • What new features would you like to see added exiting blog software solutions?

Enjoying my PowerMac G5 with 30 inch HD Cinema Display

At long last, my dream machine has arrived. I've been blogging about it in anticipation, but what a pleasure its been now that its found its home on my desk. Colleauges have been popping in just to take a turn sitting in front of it. I love having so much information in front of me at one time... 2 browsers, chat, stickies, terminal, file system explorer, and more... all visable at the same time.

I've installed Tomcat and JRun with ColdFusion MX 7, but look for ongoing blog posts about my experiences as a Mac OSX newbie. With a very strong Linux background, I've got a head start with the commandline, but I'm still kind of awkward with all the new applications, the single button mouse, and the menu bar at the top instead of on the window.

Here's the full spec:

  • 2GB DDR400 SDRAM (PC3200) - 4x512
  • Dual 2GHz PowerPC G5
  • 160GB Serial ATA - 7200rpm
  • ATI Radeon 9650 w/256MB DDR SDRAM
  • Apple Cinema HD Display (30" flat panel)
  • 16x SuperDrive double-layer (DVD+R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)
  • One big-ass lock on the back of G5 and display!

I've also rearranged my office since you've last seen it to make more room, and added a lamp instead of using the overhead light. It makes a big difference and feels a lot more comfortable.

Tonight! Leo Laporte on Future of Internet, Doug Hughes on Using Java from ColdFusion

The Online ColdFusion Meetup Group in cooperation with the Maryland CFUG bring you well known tech guru Leo Laporte to discuss The Future of the Internet. Following Leo, Doug Hughes will present Using Java from ColdFusion.

Tuesday, May 10th at 6:30 - 9:00 PM US/Eastern Time. (Timezone Info)

Archived Recordings: Doug Hughes and Leo Laporte

Part 1) Doug Hughes on Using Java from ColdFusion.

Doug Hughes, is the president of Alagad Inc and author of the Alagad Image Component. Alagad, which was founded in 1996, is a successful small business with clients around the world. Alagad specializes in web related services, consulting and development. Thought Alagad and other employers, Doug has spent many years "in the trenches" of web development. He has expertise in ColdFusion and many other technologies.

His work has also been published by Macromedia on Macromedia's DevNet Resource Kits. Previously, Doug worked with multimedia programming, 3D animation, design and illustration. See doughughes.net

Part 2) Leo Laporte on the Future of the Internet:

Currently Leo hosts a radio technology talk show on KFI AM 640, Los Angeles every Saturday and Sunday from noon to 3p (available via podcast every week), and Call for Help, a daily hour-long television show produced in Toronto and aired throughout Canada. He also appears regularly on many television and radio programs including Live with Regis and Kelly. Leo's website can blog can be found at http://www.leoville.com/

ColdFusion News Radio for April 25th 2005

This is the first in a new series of podcasts, CFNews_Radio, where in my spare time I'll be producing a weekly show that summarizes recent news and events regarding ColdFusion including hot threads in the CF Community, interesting projects or topics in the blogosphere, user group events, and articles from Macromedia including those from the Devnet center, Security Zone, and technotes.

Since this is the first of the series, I'll reach back more than a week, but in general these podcasts will try to stay current.

This week's show includes:

  • Where to find information on the Adobe proposal to acquire Macromedia
  • Hot threads from CFTalk
  • COAL
  • ACME
  • BlogCFM, BlogFusion, BlogCFC
  • New houseoffusion.com lists
  • Recent Macromedia ColdFusion Devnet articles
  • ColdFusion MX Security Bulletins
  • ColdFusion MX 7 Cumulative Hotfix 2
  • CFUNITED 2005
  • Online ColdFusion Meetup Group

To subscribe to the CFNews_Radio you can set your podcast-enabled blog aggregator such as iPodder or Feed Demon to the ColdFusion Podcast RSS 2.0 feed.

To learn more about how to get your blog aggregator to update your iPod with these news feeds, check out What is Podcasting on iPodder.org, or this article, Receive Podcasts Using Your PC.

If you'd just like to listen to CFNews_Radio without subscribing, just click the paperclip icon at the bottom of a podcast blog entry.

CFMX 7 Podcast Series: Introducing the 'Making Blackstone' Series

Fifth in this series of podcasts is a reading of the Macromedia Devnet article on Introducing the "Making Blackstone" Series by Damon Cooper and Tim Buntel.

This article was published in late 2004 before th release of ColdFusion MX 7 while the product was still codenamed Blackstone during the Beta cycle. It introduces the series of subsequent articles to be written by ColdFusion Engineers who developed various feature sets of the new release. Check the first three podcasts in this series for some of those articles already including CFForm by Mike Nimer, Clustering and Sourceless Deploy by Geoff Green and Erik Tierney, and New Verity Features by Tom Jordahl.

Logged In: Introducing the "Making Blackstone" Series
Check out articles from the ColdFusion engineering team and get an under-the-hood look at Blackstone.

To subscribe to the ColdFusion podcasts you can set your podcast-enabled blog aggregator such as iPodder or Feed Demon to the ColdFusion Podcast RSS 2.0 feed.

CFMX 7 Podcast Series: Introducing ColdFusion MX 7

Fourth in this series of podcasts is a reading of the Macromedia Devnet article on the Introducing ColdFusion MX 7 by Ben Forta.

If I had planned the order of these podcasts better, this should have been the first of the series, so its a little odd to have the introduction to ColdFusion MX 7 after some of the feature articles. Well, enjoy anyway.

Introducing ColdFusion MX 7
Get an overview of the hot new features in ColdFusion MX 7the most customer-driven release to date.

To subscribe to the ColdFusion podcasts you can set your podcast-enabled blog aggregator such as iPodder or Feed Demon to the ColdFusion Podcast RSS 2.0 feed.

CFMX 7 Podcast Series: Creating Better Search Functionality and Indexed Collections

Third in this series of podcasts is a reading of the Macromedia Devnet article on the new Verity features in ColdFusion MX 7 by Tom Jordahl.

Creating Better Search Functionality and Indexed Collections with ColdFusion MX 7
Build an effective search with categories, suggested keywords, and detailed status information.

To subscribe to the ColdFusion podcasts you can set your podcast-enabled blog aggregator such as iPodderor Feed Demon to the ColdFusion Podcast RSS 2.0 feed.

Commuting on Bicycle Again

Bike Route from Concord To Macromedia in Newton While I still love coming to work at Macromedia every day, now that I'm biking to work a few times a week again the best part of the day is now the bike ride home. I started last October, but soon the first snows fell and I had to hang up the bike. This April the temperature is back into the 60's and the last snow is a couple weeks behind.

The first 3 miles of the 13 mile trip home is largely uphill, but then as the roads grow smaller as I wind my way into the suburbs the ride flattens out and I can enjoy the sights and smells along the way.

Just past the train tracks on rt. 117 in Lincoln, I pass the Audubon Society's Drumlin Farm where cattle are grazing by the roadside. I love the smell of cow manure in the evening. I'm just that way.

Continuing through Lincoln I reach Codman Farm and the community gardens, and there I change from the pedaling on the sliver of road they call a shoulder to a flowing, country walkway with some fun hills that twist and curve under apple trees and along side sheep and wide open farm fields.

The country path continues along rt 126 where the nearby vernal pools are filled to the brink not just with fresh water but with a chorus of spring peepers. If I time it just right, I pass Walden Pond (satellite) just as the sun sets at the opposite end just before it passes through the distant pine trees.

I don't think listening to podcasts is great idea for bike riding on the roadside, but its a great way to review the days events, and I even wrote this blog entry in my head on the way today, now all that's left is the typing.

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